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PacBio Software and Analysis Overview

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PacBio Software and Analysis Overview The PacBio® Sequencing System includes an integrated software solution from beginning to end to support the key benefits of SMRT® Sequencing data: extraordinarily long reads, extremely high accuracy, exquisite sensitivity to variants, and unique epigenetic and methylation detection. • Fully automated analysis from run setup, with the option to manually run later • Efficient integration with LIMS and third-party analysis tools • User-friendly UI design for advanced informatics researchers as well as biologists and clinicians • Industry-standard output formats: FASTA, FASTQ, SAM/BAM, VCF, etc. • Open source through our developers’ network SMRT® Portal RS Touch SMRT View DevNet PacBio Instrument PacBio Instrument Software • RS Touch uses a touchscreen interface to start and monitor runs from the instrument • RS Remote is used to design runs directly from your desktop • RS Dashboard is a web-based tool used to remotely monitor

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SMRT Pipe provides command-line access to a range of tools for PacBio data. SMRT Portal lets you create and monitor SMRT Pipe jobs and download the results from a rich web interface. Targeted Sequencing BLASR Quiver GATK GMAP SMRT View Map reads against a reference with BLASR Call haploid SNPs and indels with 99.999% accuracy Identify haploid and diploid SNPs using the Broad's Unified Genotyper Align full-length cDNA transcripts against genomic DNA to discover splicing Browse coverage, variants and annotations De Novo Genome Assembly ALLORA AHA Celera® Assembler HGAP SMRT View Assemble pure...

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