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Revolutionize Genomics with SMRT® Sequencing

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PACBIO" Revolutionize Genomics with SMRT® Sequencing Single Molecule, Real-Time Technology

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Resolve to Master Complexity Despite large investments in population studies, the heritability of the majority of Mendelian and complex diseases remains unclear, limiting development of diagnostics and treatments. Shedding light on the complete spectrum of sequence variant types with chromosome-level phasing across genomes unique to a population, disease or individual may provide a holistic view of human genetics to resolve missing heritability linkages.   The complex genomes of plants and animals, with their multi-gigabase sizes, polyploidy, and difficult-to-sequence repetitive regions,...

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Accelerate your research with the most comprehensive view of genomes, transcriptomes and epigenomes Sequel™ System The scalable platform for SMRT Sequencing

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A SMRT Foundation Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT®) technology is built upon two key innovations that overcome major challenges in the field of sequencing. Zero-Mode Waveguides (ZMWs) allow light to illuminate only the bottom of a well in which a DNA polymerase/template complex is immobilized. Phospholinked nucleotides allow observation of the immobilized complex as the DNA polymerase produces a completely natural DNA strand. Zero-Mode Waveguides Phospholinked Nucleotides Up to a million ZMWs per SMRT Cell SMRT Cells containing up to a million ZMWs are processed on PacBio® Systems which...

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SMRT Sequencing Achieves Long Read Lengths High Consensus Accuracy Read lengths >20 kb Data per SMRT Cell: 5–8 Gb Free of systematic errors Achieves >99.999% (QV50) 60 Half of data in reads: >20 kb Maximum read length: >60 kb Coverage Aligned to Reference Coverage Aligned to Reference Read Length Read length data shown above from a 30 kb size-selected human library on the Sequel System (10-hour movie, 2.0 chemistry) with a total output of 7.6 Gb. Sequel System SMRT Cells 1M typically generate ~365,000 reads each. Read lengths, reads/data per SMRT Cell and other sequencing performance...

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Comprehensive Genomics Unobstructed Views • Sequence low-complexity regions, like trinucleotide repeats PacBio coverage • Access all variant types, including structural variation PacBio reads • Allele-specific phasing of haplotypes in targeted regions or between chromosomes Short read coverage Data Genes PacBio vs. short-read CHM1 sequencing data aligned to hg19, highlighting the short-read coverage deserts around exon 1 of  autism-linked shank3 gene. Confident Discoveries • Directly detect full-length transcripts without assembly • Characterize gene-isoform expression within targeted...

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Flexible Design and Analytics • Complete template preparation in as few as 6 hrs • Accepts a variety of sample types and insert sizes • Size selection options to enrich for longest inserts • Low template options available from 10 - 100 ng • Multiplexing and barcoding solutions available • Rapid sequence time (0.5 to 10 hrs) • Serially process up to 16 SMRT Cells in a single run with walkaway automation PacBio RS II Sequel System • Variety of analysis methods available through SMRT Link and PacBio DevNet community • Open source software • Advanced data visualization and mining Comprehensive...

 Open the catalog to page 8 Headquarters 1305 O'Brien Drive Menlo Park, CA 94025 United States Phone: 1.650.521.8000 Singapore Office 20 Science Park Road #01-22 TeleTech Park Singapore 117674 Phone: 65.6778.5627 Customer Service Phone: 1.877.920.PACB (7222) option 1 Fax:    1.650.618.2699 Email: Technical Support Phone: 1.877.920.PACB (7222) option 2 Email: PacBio® Sequencing Providers Inquiries North America: South America: Europe/Middle East/ Africa: Asia Pacific: For Research...

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