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lm Lowental 79 • 45239 Essen I Germany E-Mail: • Internet: Basic help in treating proctologic disorders • acute anal fissure • perianal thrombosis • anal discomfort - post-operative pain - at cryptitis, papillitis and after irradiation

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Usage instruction The rod reaches its lowest temperature of minus (-15°C) after approx. 1 – 2 hours of storage in the freezer (-15° – -20°C). The rod is then lubricated with a water soluable lubricant and is subsequently inserted into the anal canal for 5 – 10 Min. After cleaning and desinfection the rod is once again stored in its case in the freezer. ANOKRYO® can be used repeatedly and contains no harmful contents, is odorless, hygienic and causes no staining. Those treating of these conditions are familiar with advantages and disadvantages of the above mentioned modes of therapy. Often a...

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