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cleanroom n2 desiccator cabinets

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Palbam Class developed its first Desiccator Cabinets for the Semiconductor Industry. Due to the demands of this industry all the cabinets are manufactured from the cleanest materials available. DESICCATORS Unique Stainless Steel Solutions Most manufacturers offer stainless steel accessories for their Desiccators. Palbam Class uses only Stainless Steel. All modular designs – and “plug and play” If you have a product which requires protection from: Particles + Moisture + Oxygen then Palbam Class offers you unique solutions. Nitrogen is the standard medium for contaminationfree storage because...

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Palbam Class DESICCATORS Palbam Class Bench Top N2 purge Desiccator Cabinets cut nitrogen expenses by up to 80%. Automates clean, dry benchtop storage eliminating moisture & oxygen related degradation and optimizing yields. Ideal for semiconductor components, biological and pharmaceutical samples, and other sensitive materials. Fully integrated turnkey system takes 30 seconds to install.

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Palbam Class DESICCATORS The ideal product for Ultraclean low humidity storage. Turnkey product. Includes automatic control system allowing manual or automatic purging. The automatic trickle purge saves on inert gas input. Door sensors activate when doors opened to close purging to prevent gaseous escape and wastage. Door closing activates high purge to reduce humidity levels fast. All plumbing integrated. Adjustable shelving. Modular design. Fabrication material : 304 stainless steel with electropolished finish. Includes in-line gas filter and ultraclean valves. N2 DESICCATOR CABINET -...

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