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Palbam Class CARTS & LADDERS Product    LxWxH (mm) LxWxH ( " ) Cat. No. Maneuverable step ladders with mooncastors. While weight is applied on the first step, wheels retract and the moon cups with cleanroom approved nylon guards sit firmly on the floor, ensuring a safe climb. Height of top step from ground level when weight is applied are as follows: 1 step ladder - 201mm 2 step ladder - 520mm 3 step ladder - 609mm 4 step ladder - 782mm 5 step ladder - 1140mm (this ladder is equipped with side stabilizers) The ladders: STLD-1 STLD-2 STLD-3 are held in stock for immediate shipment. All the ladders can be manuevred by a single person and are ideal if they have to be moved often. Fabrication material: 304 stainless steel, electropolished. Mechanism parts are made of SST.

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Palbam Class CARTS & LADDERS STEP LADDERS - Non-mobile The non mobile range of step stools are identical to the mobile range except that they have leveling feet instead of the retractable casters. These step stools are designed for fixed locations where they are not required to be moved often. Fabrication material: 304 stainless steel with electropolished finish.

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