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Wafer Cassette - 2

Palbam Class WAFER CASSETTE The dramatic increase in the level and complexity of cleanliness and automation requirements in Semiconductor Fabs, requires wafer cassettes that offer a reduction in particle generation and improved mechanical interface capabilities with automated material-handling systems (AMHS’s) and process tools. Unique Stainless Steel Solutions Palbam Class Stainless Steel cassettes have the following properties: • Non contaminating • Non deforming • Highly accurate dimensions - robotic suitability • Withstands baking processes up to 400°C • Designed and manufactured to...

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Wafer Cassette - 3

Palbam Class WAFER CASSETTE The Palbam Class™, innovative Stainless Steel wafer cassette is designed to replace standard plastic cassettes, in the semiconductor manufacturing process. The cassette has been designed to SEMI standard. 6 inch wafer bake cassettes with H Bar & either 25 or 12 slots. Properties: • non-contaminating. • non-deforming. • fully conductive. • withstands temperatures up to 400°C. • with “H” bar. • dimensions are highly accurate. • weighs 800 gr. • designed for both manual and robotic handling. • fits into standard boxes. • Fabrication material: 316 stainless steel. •...

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Wafer Cassette - 4

Palbam Class WAFER CASSETTE PCPC0207 8 Inch round wafers H bar 25 wafer slots Additional handles Modeled on specific plastic cassette Robotic or push transfer loading

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Wafer Cassette - 5

Palbam Class WAFER CASSETTE 8" - 200mm BAKE CASSETTES - Without H Bar We offer custom designs to fit your dimensions HANDLE 6" AND 8"

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Wafer Cassette - 6

Palbam Class WAFER CASSETTE SEMI Standard E-57 compatible.

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