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30 years PAN-Biotech_Brochure

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Development of own serum-free products Development of cell culture device Pansys New R&D facility In-house production of cell culture products New owner. PAN goes international

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Your expert in cell culture New laboratory and production rooms Annual sales reached 10 million € Over 1000 international papers were published with PAN products Storage capacity reached 1000 m2 New office facilities for customer service and business development

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■ Sera ■ Serum free Media ■ Reagents Biologica Is ■ Molecular Biology Developing ■ Developed a ISO 9001 certificate a ISO 13485 certificate a EDQM (European directorate for the quality of medicine & healthcare) a Raw materials only from approved suppliers a Production organized by ERP-system a Sterile filling in cleanroom atmospheres according to GMP standards

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Your expert in cell culture 30 years experience in R&D and manufacturing cell culture products Rewarded by the industry and the government Excellent reference from the research (2000 international publications/patents with PAN products ) Total Publications Your reliable and lexible OEM partner Quick response Just-in-time delivery with in-house shipping Flexible production and packaging Support in regulatory afaires 1000 m2 total in-house storage capacity Facility audited regularly by many industry customers

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Product    Cells    Cat.-No. Panserin 293S    HEK cells (suspension)    P04-710609 Panserin 293A    HEK cells (adherent)    P04-710608 Panserin ProVero    Vero cells    P04-710613 Panserin 413 T-cells, NK-cells, LAK-cells, CIK-cells P04-71413 Endopan MV    Endothelial cells (microvascular)    P04-0020K Panserin SMC    Skeletal muscle cells    coming soon PowerStem MSC1    Mesenchymal stem cells    P04-77355K PowerStem iPS2    Induced pluripotent stem cells    P04-77140K Product    Cells    Cat.-No. Panexin NTA    Various adherent cells    P04-95750 Panexin NTS    Various suspension...

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Your expert in cell cultureProduct    Cells    Cat.-No. DMEM    Various    P04-41250 Product Cells Cat.-No. Various hMSC, various Various Various Various Various Various

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PAN-Biotech GmbH Am Gewerbepark 13 D-94501 Aidenbach GERMANY Phone: +49 (0)8543/6016-30 Fax: +49 (0)8543/6016-49 www.pan-biotech.com

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