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We don`t simply sell products. We offer solutions! Serum Serum-free Media Serum Replacement Classic Media Reagents Supplements Cell & Media Development Customer Media Production (Liquid & Powder) OEM Production/ Contract Manufacturing Rapid Response Production Customized Packaging

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Dear valued Customer PAN-Biotech is a modern and innovative company with headquarters in Aidenbach / Germany. he company was founded in 1988, expanded its business and set up its own research and production facilities in the following years to inally reach its actual size. Today, PAN-Biotech is a major producer of biotechnological products, which are distributed worldwide and used for scientiic research at universities and pharmaceutical companies as well as for production purposes in the biopharmaceutical industry. he company develops and produces a wide range of innovative...

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Rapid Product Search can be performed by • Examining the table of contents shown at the beginning of this catalogue • Studying the individual chapter index page • Using the alphabetical index shown at the end of this catalogue Our website has an extended search function enabling you to find all available products, product information, various protocols, certificate of analysis. Should you have any further questions than please feel free to contact our customer service. Please note additional information • Footnotes: Products with red coloured footnotes are are either...

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Liquid media from PAN-Biotech do not include    Should L-Glutamine be necessary, we recommend to use antibiotics, serum supplements and often none    the 200 mM solution. L-Glutamine as well. his refers to the increase of the retention period and gives media more flexible application possibilities.

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Panexin basic Growth Factors Human Platelet Lysate Bovine Serum Albumin Industrial Services Panserin ProVero

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Sera Introduction Fetal Bovine Serum Cell-specific FBS Fetal Bovine Serum Biotech Serum Services FBS Good Product Family Bovine Serum Other Animal Sera Serum Testing Certificates Human Serum Serum-free Systems Introduction Helping hand Serum Replacements Serum-free Media Serum-free Stem Cell Media Media Introduction Cell Culture Media Cell Specific Media Reagents Introduction Media Supplements Buffered Salt Solution Amino Acids and Vitamins Antibiotics and Antifungal Drugs Enzymes for Cell Dissociation Attachment Factors Separating Solutions Separating Solutions Pre-Filled Cryo...

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Fetal Bovine Serum    10 Cell-specific Fetal Bovine Serum    10 Fetal Bovine Serum Biotech    12 FBS Good Product Family    14 Other Animal Sera    15 BIOTECH

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sterile filtered Cat. No.: P30-3302 Lot No.: various Volume: 500 ml Store at: -20 °C Expiry: various Introduction Serum Animal sera he function of serum in cell culture •    Stimulates cell growth, proliferation and differentia tion through hormonal factors • Adhesion factors facilitate and enhance cell attachment on culture dishes (bio-matrix) • Transport and binding proteins provide hormones, minerals and lipids • Inhibition of toxic substances by binding to serum proteins Advantages of PAN-Biotech • Own raw material resources in different countries:    Brazil, United States of America...

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Bovine serum is the blood fraction remaining after the natural coagulation of blood, followed by centrifugation to remove any remaining red blood cells. he production of bovine serum at PAN-Biotech is tightly controlled, from the collection of serum at the slaughterhouse and throughout the whole production cycle which is performed without exception in our own production facilities in Aidenbach, Germany. All serum lots are virus and mycoplasma tested. Fetal Bovine Serum from different countries of origins is sterile filtered and quality tested. Standard Grade Fetal Bovine Serum Standard,...

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SerumPansera ES Our specially developed, proprietary processing    Advantages methodology for serum enables us to offer a special fetal bovine serum for embryonic stem cells (ES).    • Reproducible constant growth properties • Improved cloning efficiency • More undifferentiated clones • Permanent strict quality control • No need for further testing of different batches PAN-Biotech's „FBS MSC“ is especially tested for superior growth properties on human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSC). Cells are cultured in a medium containing 10% FBS of the tested batch. By flow cytometric analysis the...

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Fetal Bovine Serum Biotech he bio-pharmaceutical industry is facing a constantly growing demand for high quality, extensively tested fetal bovine serum originating from FDA-approved regions. PAN-Biotech is meeting this demand and offers a new product, Fetal Bovine Serum Biotech, which is tested according to EMA (also known as EMEA) and Ph. Eur. guidelines. Fetal Bovine Serum Biotech originates exclusively from Australia or the USA, both of them are approved regions by FDA's CFR. he entire production process is followed by close inspections and quality controls - from the collection of raw...

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Activated charcoal treated serum SERUM SERVICES Page 13

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FBS Good Product Family he FBS Good product family contains specially processed serum products. Serum of selected batches is filtrated and separated into individual components by a sophisticated chromatographic method. he growth promoting components contained in the serum are then combined and restored in a defined process. Compared to conventional fetal bovine serum the FBS Good product family has been shown to support and promote cell growth of many different cell types equally well or even better. Advantages •    Innovative new products •    Minor batch to batch variation • Once tested -...

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