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Panexin Fully deined serum replacement No more serum testing! Enjoy the easy handling and the full reproducibility! Panexin basic can be used for the cultivation of adherent and non-adherent cells under serumfree conditions, or to signiicantly reduce the necessary amount of serum in cell culture. For more demanding cell lines we also designed Panexin NTA (for adherent cells), NTS (for non-adherent cells) and Panexin Pharma Grade (animal component free). PAN-Biotech Serum Replacements Made in Germany since 1988

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Panexin basic can be stored and used in the same manner as serum he performance can be further improved by optimizing the concentration of Panexin or modifying/changing the basal medium IMPORTANT: If Trypsin is used to detach adherent cells it needs to be deactivated with Trypsin inhibitor (1 ml inhibitor per 1 ml Trypsin). Accutase does not need to be inhibited Some cell types (e.g. primary cells) need to be adapted gradually to the serum-free condition. Panexin basic Serum Replacement with Defined Components sterile filtered Cat. No.:    P04-96950 Expiry:    various for cell culture...

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Media with 10% FBS: • FBS contains hundreds of distinct proteins and thousands of metabolites in undefined, varying concentrations • Resulting in inconsistent results and unreproducible data • Data in figure from M. Baker, Nature 537 2016 433-435 Media with 1% FBS and 9% Panexin: • he variation of bioactive components in FBS from lot to lot can be reduced tremendously • Can be easily adaped to a wide range of cell types • With significantly improved reproducibility • More independent from the lot, the origin and the supplier of FBS Serum-free media with Panexin: • Constant quality • Highest...

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Table: Comparison of cell growth in 10% Panexin in different basal media. Growth in 10% FBS is defined as 100% Cell-Line    Origin Basal medium Human embryonic renal cells MDCK    Dog renal cells    McCoy's 5A    91% MDBK    Bovine renal cells    McCoy's 5A    135% IMDM Human c°l°n carcino- DMEM/F12 ma alpha-MEM Hamster ovarial epithelial cells 3T3    Mouse fibroblasts    Mc Coy‘s 5a    72% MM6    Human monocytes    Mc Coy‘s 5a    143% Human promyelocytic leukemia cells

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• J Immunol. • Prostate • Int J Mol Med. • Exp Dermatol. • Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. • BRAIN • Infect Immun. • Anticancer Res. • Vaccine. • Int J Pharm. • Free Radic Biol Med. • Microbiology • BMC Immunol. Human pancreatic adenocarcinoma COLO357 Human prostate cancer cell line (PC3) rMSC & hMSC RASF (rheumatoid arthritis synovial fibroblasts) Human liposarcoma SW872 TAF (tumor-associated fibroblasts) SZ95 sebocytes Bone marrow derived macrophages (BMDMs) Human corneal epithelial cells (HCE-T, HCK) Human hepatoblastoma cell line Hep G2 he human breast cancer cell lines MCF-7 HeLa MDCK, HEK...

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High reproducibility No extensive batch testing necessary Simpliied downstream process Low risk of contamination Design your own deined serum-free or serum-reduced medium! PAN-Seratech Serum Replacements Made in Germany since 1988 Go serum-free! The future of cell culture Do you know? Serum introduces several severe unknown variables into the cell culture procedure, as serum (a) is a poorly deined supplement (Bjare, 1992; Gstraunthaler, 2003); (b) batches show typically qualitative variations and diferent amount of endotoxins, haemoglobin and other factors (Price and Gregory, 1982); (c) can...

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