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Pharmaceutical and  Biotechnological Industry

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Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological Industry Success in Cell Culture

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Since 1988 PAN-Biotech demonstrated its strength with innovative, first-class quality products and excellent services for cell culture around the globe. Specialized in the manufacture and distribution of cell culture products including serum, media, serum-free systems, reagents, biologicals and more we deliver our goods to customers from research, clinics and the biopharmaceutical industry. Our highly skilled team with operating experience in various fields of cell technology guarantees a product development based on the needs and requirements of our customers. Individual wishes are always...

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We don`t simply sell products. We offer solutions! Cell & Media Development Customer Media Production (Liquid & Powder) OEM Production/ Contract Manufacturing Rapid Response Production Customized Packaging Serum Serum-free Media Serum Replacement Classic Media Reagents Supplements

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Transparent. Reliable. Safe. Full traceability EDQM approved Constant supply from EU/FDA approved countries Complete EMEA testing available Highest production and safety standards for serum manufacturing To meet the demands of the biopharmaceutical industry PAN – Biotech offers a broad range of serum products. High-quality, extensively tested FBS, NBCS and Bovine Serum from FDA and EU approved regions is continuously available. All serum is exclusively processed in our own facilities in Aidenbach, Germany. Human Serum by PAN-Biotech Where the use of animal derived components is unwanted,...

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Panexin basic Se'um R?plaTOrncnt with Ufifinsc Onn'pcitisrts sterile filtered c.-i Kr, pni-nfinsn lot No1 vaious VcUi-ne: MX) rni Store at: -20*0 Expiry: X'arioue Panexin. The future of cell nutrition. Advantages a    No extensive batch testing necessary a    Simplified downstreaming process a    Minimizes contamination risks a    Price - competitive and price-stable a    Less storage capacity needed Panexin, the serum replacement developed by PAN-Biotech can be used for many cell types to replace FBS. Due to carefully selected and pretested raw materials Panexin batches are very...

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SERVICES The Cell Culture Experts Some of the recent industry trends include expanded singleuse applications, shifts towards continuous bioprocessing, smaller-scale bioreactors and of course demands for greater efficiency and productivity. Leaner productions for biopharmaceuticals in modular and multi-purpose facilities become increasingly visible. That has an impact on the production of process liquids as well. Reliable partners for the outsourcing of media and buffer preparation become more and more crucial. From pre-clinical development to the final commercialization of your product you...

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ingle-use bags Flexible packing solutions in 2D and 3D We can fulfill the main aspect of a suiting packaging option: A seamless integration into your production process. Just-intime delivery with in-house shipping capabilities available. PAN-Biotech 2D bags are available in volumes from 5L to 50L and 3D-bags in volumes from 100L up to 1000L. A broad variety of connections and tubings can be provided. All systems are supplied sterile and according to your specifications. NEW! Complete container-bag-system for 3D-bags available. Reduced risk of cross-contamination Optimize capacity...

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PAN-Biotech GmbH Am Gewerbepark 13 D-94501 Aidenbach GERMANY Phone: +49 (0)8543/6016-30 Fax: +49 (0)8543/6016-49 Visit our onlineshop at

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