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Serum-free Media

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Cell culture goes egan y Do you know? Serum introduces several severe unknown variables into the cell culture procedure, as serum (a) is a poorly defined supplement (Bjare, 1992; Gstraunthaler, 2003); (b) batches show typically qualitative variations and different amount of endotoxins, haemoglobin and other factors (Price and Gregory, 1982); (c) can be a potential source of contamination (Dormont, 1999; Eliot, 1999; Wessman and Levings, 1999) and (d) does not represent physiological conditions. herefore, FBS may alter the experimental output or the performance of assays. Serum substitutes...

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Serum-free cell media have increasingly become an important but challenging topic for many cell products and cell cultivation processes. With more than 16 years of professional experience in providing serum-free solutions for customers worldwide, PAN-Biotech has developed a product portfolio of more than 450 diferent media products for a wide range of cell cultures. Figure 1: PAN-Biotech offers a broad range of serum-free media products in different categories. Customers of PAN-Biotech are not only the users of our products with high-quality standards but also become part of our network of...

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SERUM SUBSTITUTESUse Panexin to develop your own serum-free media. he serum substitutes (Panexin) developed by PAN-Biotech can be used for many cell lines to replace FBS. Due to selected and pretested raw materials Panexin batches are very homogeneous. herefore the complex batch testing known from FBS can be omitted with the use of Panexin. In addition there is no need to change the previously used basal medium. Panexin is completely fully defined and contains no growth factors, undefined peptones or hydrolysates. Medium    Suitable Cells    Availability SFM PF ADCF HDCF FD Panexin basic...

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Media with 10% FBS: • FBS contains hundreds of distinct proteins and thousands of metabolites in undefined, varying concentrations • Resulting in inconsistent results and unreproducible data • Data in figure from M. Baker, Nature 537 2016 433-435 ■ ill! Media with 1% FBS and 9% Panexin: • he variation of bioactive components in FBS from lot to lot can be reduced tremendously • Can be easily adaped to a wide range of cell types • With significantly improved reproducibility • More independent from the lot, the origin and the supplier of FBS Serum-free media with Panexin: • Constant quality •...

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MEDIA FOR STEM CELL AND IMMUNE CELL CULTURE PAN-Biotech offers a broad range of serum-free media for stem and progenitor cells in the most important fields of research and development. Most of the media are developed free of animal-derived components to meet the demand of clinical applications, especially with respect to regenerative medicine, toxicology and diagnostics. Suitable Cells ADCF HDCF PowerStem iPS PowerStem MSC PowerStem HPSC PowerStem HE Human embryonic stem cells Human induced pluripotent stem cells Human mesenchymal stem cells Human hematopoetic stem cells PowerStem PEC Human...

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OTHER CELL SPECIFIC SERUM-FREE MEDIA PAN-Biotech also produces many other cell specific serum-free media for toxicology, tissue engineering, industrial vaccine and antibody productions. Suitable Cells ADCF HDCF Coming soon! Endopan 300SL Human endothelial cells Endopan 300SL Human endothelial cells Pharma Grade Neuropan    Neuronal cells    a    a Panserin 401    Wide range of different cells    a    a Panserin 801    Human keratinocytes    a    a Panserin 801 Pharma Grade Human keratinocytes    Coming soon! a    a Panserin C6000    CHO (suspension)    a    a    a    a    a Panserin H4000...

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