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AK-UB300GJ 4K Multi Purpose Camera

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AK-UB300GJ 4K Multi Purpose Camera Compact and light 4K Multi Purpose Camera * 12G-SDI and TICO are supported via the option boards. * Lens sold separately

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4K Multi Purpose Camera with UHD/HD Simultaneous Output and 2/3 type lens mount * 12G-SDI and TICO are supported via the option boards. This 4K multipurpose camera shows its potential in a wide range of situations, from live sports and other event broadcasting to studio recording and aerial shooting. Two sensitivity modes (high sensitivity and normal) can be selected according to the shooting environment. The usability has also greatly improved through haze reduction technology and transmission with a single cable operation is possible when the 12G Output Board is replaced with 3G TICO UHD...

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Intelligent Automatic Adjustment Function Using a high-precision flash band detection and compensation function for the camera signal processing LSI, enables elimination of the flash band phenomenon (light and dark areas appearing in the same frame) that occurs when a flash goes off during shooting. Tracking White Balance Function This function automatically adjusts the white balance as the color temperature gradually changes when shooting outdoors. Images can be automatically adjusted according to the subject or time of day. Images of flash band compensation Compensation OFF Before...

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System Configuration Multiple cameras from a single controller Remote Operation Panel (ROP) AK-HRP1000GJ or AK-HRP1005GJ Power is supplied from PoE Hub. Remote Operation Panel (ROP) AK-HRP1000GJ or AK-HRP1005GJ Power is supplied from PoE Hub. *1: 60 W or more is recommended. *2: Camera control and cropping are available. Optional Products Indoor pan-tilt head suitable for production work requiring quiet and fast revolution. Option Boards Pan-Tilt Head Output: UHD: 2 outputs (12G) or 1 output (3G x 4) HD: 2 outputs Example of system configuration with AW-PH400 Pan-Tilt Head connected Control...

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Remote Operation Panel (ROP) Cable for Indoor Pan-tilt Head Connection Protocol Converter AW-IF400G Using the AW-RP50, the AW-PH400 indoor pan-tilt head can be operated. -The maximum operation distance can be extended to 1,500 m.

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Rear Panel Dimensions Unit: mm (inches) 3-1/4-20UNC (Tapped Hole for Tripod) 3-1/4-20UNC (Tapped Hole for Tripod) 2-3/8-16UNC (Tapped Hole for Tripod) *Thread Length less than 7 mm (9/32) * Specifications are subject to change without notice. 2-15 Matsuba-cho, Kadoma, Osaka 571-8503 Japan For more information, please visit Panasonic web site https://pro-av.panasonic.net/en/qr/ Factories of AVC Networks Company have received ISO14001:2004-the Environmental Management System certification. (Except for 3rd party’s peripherals.) Broadcast and Professional AV Website Contact Information

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