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Food Solutions - 1

Food & Beverage Industry Equipment and Services

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Food Solutions - 2

We are a mul�disciplinary group of enterprises, especialized in equipment manufacture and produc�ve projects analysis, advice and implementa�on. We offer comprehensive solu�ons to our clients, working with them in the en�re process and promo�ng through the joint-venture of the companies in our group. Somos un grupo mul�disciplinario de empresas, especializado en la fabricación de equipos y en el análisis, asesoramiento e implementación de proyectos produc�vos. Ofrecemos soluciones integrales a nuestros clientes, acompañándolos durante todo el proceso, e impulsando la sinergia mediante el...

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Food Solutions - 3

We design and build produc�ve process machineries in solid, liquid and semi solid lines as well as equipment for research and development. Diseñamos y construimos maquinarias de proceso produc�vo en líneas de sólidos, semi sólidos y líquidos, así como equipamiento para inves�gación y desarrollo. We are an engineering and construc�on company that oversees providing support in the loca�on of machinery in given areas and its adapta�on under current sanitary regula�ons. We also offer assembly and piping services comple�ng a safe and efficient installa�on process. Somos una empresa de ingeniería y...

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Food Solutions - 4

Project Integra�on Planning in the acquisi�on of plant equipment Planificación en la adquisición de equipamiento para planta Business Sinergy Sinergia Empresarial Turnkey Projects Proyectos Llave en Mano Added Value Valor Agregado PROCESSES PROCESOS Mul�disciplinary Mul�disciplinario Technology Transfer (Stage I) Transferencia Tecnológica (Etapa I) Pre-sale Consul�ng Asesoría Pre-venta Scale Up (Stage II) Escalado (Etapa II) Equipment (Manufacturing) Equipamiento (Fabricación) EXECUTION TIME TIEMPO DE EJECUCIÓN Start up Puesta en Marcha Training in Processes with products Capacitacion en...

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Food Solutions - 5

We offer comprehensive solu�ons, providing consultancy and training to op�mize produc�on. We design plans according to your needs. Process Technology Tecnologías de Proceso With more than 30 years of experience behind our back, we specialize in the management of plant projects, the adapta�on of different layouts, produc�vity improvements in GxP environments, equipment/process integra�on and the development of new products. Con más de 30 años de experiencia que respaldan nuestra trayectoria, nos especializamos en la ges�ón de proyectos de planta, la adecuación de diferentes lay out, las...

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Food Solutions - 6

Analysis and Integral Management Análisis y Ges�ón Integral We understand the needs of our clients, devising a plan that allows us to monitor and iden�fy their produc�on capaci�es in order to minimize their costs, improve the quality control of their products, op�mize efficiency (OEE) and increase produc�vity in their manufacturing plant. We train your human capital throughout the en�re produc�on process, detec�ng opportuni�es for improvement in each of these instances. In this way, we capitalize on each of these stages, achieving greater agility in the supply chain, a substan�al reduc�on in...

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Food Solutions - 8

Process Technology We offer a wide range of solu�ons for solid, semi-solid and liquid products. We specialize in the manufacture and design of customized equipment. Our complete lines and individual solu�ons are conceived to achieve process efficiency and a quick return on investment for our customers. The proposal is based on an integral concept. We accompany industries from the concep�on of a project. We provide advice for the development of new products and for the op�miza�on of processes with specific equipment that favor the repeatability and traceability of opera�ons, elimina�ng...

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Food Solutions - 10

Autoload System Sistema de Autocarga Vacuum System Bomba de Vacío Pre-weighing hopper Tolva de Prepesada Dosing Screw Tornillo Dosificador High Shear Turbomixer Turbomezclador de Alto Corte Centrifugal Sifter Tamíz Centrífugo Finished Product Hopper Tolva de Producto Terminado Magnetic Metal Separator Separador de Metales Magnéticos Bagging System Sistema de Embolsado Wash in Place System Sistema de Lavado Cone Mill Calibrator Molino Calibrador Cónico Dumping Station Estación de Carga COMPLETE PLANTS OR MODULAR SOLUTIONS FOR INCORPORATION INTO OPERATIONAL LINES PLANTAS COMPLETAS O SOLUCIONES...

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Food Solutions - 11

HIGH-PRODUCTIVITY AUTOMATIC MIXING MEZCLAS AUTOMÁTICAS DE ALTA PRODUCTIVIDAD We provide a diverse portfolio of equipment for food production, including individual machines, as well as processing lines comprising the reception, handling, and transport of raw materials (storage and dosing). It also includes further processing (mixing) and the final stage of dosing to the finished product bagging/packaging machine, providing the possibility of integrating food safety and cleaning complements. Proveemos un diverso portafolio de equipos para la producción de alimentos, que incluye máquinas...

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Food Solutions - 13

Raw material reception The handling and treatment of raw materials prior to the start of processing represents more than 70% of the produc�on process. By using big bags for the acquisi�on of raw materials, large volumes can be handled more efficiently, avoiding the need to apply manual processes to open bags and treat waste. In addi�on, material losses due to contamina�on can be reduced, and the risk of accidents in the workplace decreases. Our integrated systems are designed for vacuum conveying over long distances, with material containment, incorpora�ng simultaneous safety and quality...

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Food Solutions - 14

Dosage and weighing Dosificación y pesaje Our solu�ons allow you to automate the weighing and dosing of macro and medium components, guaranteeing accuracy, process repeatability and enabling automa�c traceability control. we can incorporate the different raw materials that make up the formulas from big bags, bags, bins and silos in order to minimize manual labor. Nuestras soluciones permiten automa�zar la dosificación y el pesaje de componentes macros y medios, garan�zando precisión y repe��vidad en cada una de las fórmulas, logrando un proceso rápido, seguro y contenido. Gracias a la...

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