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pco.edge 3.1

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scientific CMOS camera high resolution 2048 x 1536 pixel global shutter small form factor high dynamic range 27 000:1 high quantum efficiency 1288 EMVA Standard Compliant

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pco.edge 3.1 | scientific CMOS camera features Selectable rolling shutter operation modes of pco.edge cameras. rolling shutter readout modes - optimized for synchronization of microscopes and scanning applications All pco.edge sCMOS cameras from the beginning feature a variety of precise synchronization modes, which are optimized for advanced microscopy imaging and scanning. The flexible frame and line triggers with very low latency in combination with the free selectable readout modes can easily be combined to cover every modern microscopy situation to name a few: n n n n For example, one...

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pco.edge 3.1 | scientific CMOS camera features superior image quality The new pco.edge camera (with scientific CMOS image sensor) features outstanding low read out noise of 1.1 electrons (e-) med. Even at maximum speed of 50 frames/s at full resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixel the noise is 1.1 e- med. Moreover the pco.edge provides an excellent homogeneous pixel response to light (PRNU, photo response non-uniformity) and an excellent homogeneous dark signal pixel behaviour (DSNU, dark signal non-uniformity), which is achieved by a sophisticated electronic circuit technology and firmware...

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pco.edge 3.1 I scientific CMOS camera image sensor type of sensor    scientific CMOS (sCMOS) image sensor    based on CIS2521 sensor format / diagonal 13.3 mm x 10.0 mm / 16.6 mm shutter modes    rolling shutter (RS) with free selectable readout modes, global/snapshot shutter (GS), global reset - rolling readout (GR) MTF    76.9 lp/mm (theoretical) quantum efficiency    > 60 % @ peak dark current (typ.)    < 0.5 e-/pixel/s RS/GR    @ 5 °C DSNU    < 0.3 e- rms RS/GR anti blooming factor    > 10000 camera frame rate exposure / shutter time dynamic range A/D4 A/D conversion factor pixel scan...

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pco.edge 3.1 | scientific CMOS camera technical data quantum efficiency monochrome camera views dimensions F-mount and C-mount lens changeable adapter. C-Mount C-Mount C-Mount F-Mount F-Mount F-Mount RubberRubber feet feet feet Rubber 88,90 88,90 88,90 99,50 99,50 99,50 All dimensions are given in millimeter.

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pco.edge 3.1 I scientific CMOS camera software For camera control, image acquisition and archiving of images in various file formats PCO provides the software application Camware (Windows 7, 8 and later). A camera SDK (software development kit) including a 32 / 64 bit dynamic link library for user customization and integration on PC platforms is available for free. For camera interface drivers and a list of supported third party software please visit www.pco.de. software drivers VisiView®pco 1288 C€ ItMSMMCorpM    ^    ^

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pco.edge 3.1 I scientific CMOS camera life science physical science life science A widefield (right) and a GSDIM superresolution (left) microscopy image of tubulin fibers obtained with a pco.edge, courtesy of Leica Microsystems, Germany A single image of fluorescence labeled protein networks in water drops in an oil phase, which moved fast. One pixel corresponds to 0.1625 pm in reality, courtesy of Prof. Dr. Sarah Koster, Institute for X-Ray Physics, Gottingen, Germany Zebrafish with two fluorescent labels, collected with a VisiScope Confocal based on the Yokogawa CSU-W1 wide head and a...

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