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Nitrogen/Dry Air Generator for Part Number : 99-9999 Service Sciex Mass Spectrometers Kit : 99-9999 Your local gas generation partner Description The Genius AB-3G has been designed to provide a continuous and reliable gas supply to meet the precise requirements of several Sciex LC-MS instruments. A three gas system, the AB-3G provides nitrogen and dry air to supply curtain, source and exhaust gas; additionally the generator benefits from three integrated compressors with redundancy, making it a complete standalone solution for mission-critical applications. The AB-3G is based on Peak Scientific’s Genius series of generators: designed mainly for LC-MS applications, are selfcontained systems featuring integrated compressors, delivering laboratory-grade nitrogen at a range of pressures and flow rates to satisfy the requirements of a wide selection of instruments. Ideal as continuous gas source for Sciex Mass Spectrometers including 4500, 4600 and 5500 (without SelexION) Specially designed for critical applications Additional compressor capacity to ensure continuous operation in unlikely event of one compressor failure Engineered specifically for Sciex instruments Built to ensure uninterrupted supply of gas for clinical applications Advanced alarms in the unlikely event of product issues Generator has the capacity to self-diagnose and inform when maintenance is required Minimal set-up required Highly economical source of nitrogen gas with low lifetime running costs Gas is supplied on demand so generator works to your schedule Compressors are housed in an insulated compartment to reduce noise and vibration 12 month comprehensive on-site warranty Copyright 2015 Peak Scientific - Rev - Genius AB-3G Data sheet - Rev 2 - 15/06/1

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It should be noted that the gas pressures and flows are factory set. The pressures shown on the Generator front panel are in excess of the maximum inlet pressure of the Mass Spectrometer. This is to allow for known pressure drops. These settings have been approved by SCIEX. PEAK Protected]” Peak Scientific gas generators define the benchmark in reliability, convenience and performance in laboratories around the world, and come backed by a 12 month warranty. Beyond this period however you can ensure that you're investment continues to be [Protected] by our comprehensive generator care...

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