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PEAK SCIENTIFIC Genius XE Standalone high performance nitrogen generators for analytical applications Discover more at

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When only exceptional will do Built upon decades of innovation in gas generation for the lab, Genius XE sets a new benchmark in performance and confidence. With increasingly sensitive applications and demands on productivity, you can’t afford to compromise on instrument gas. Featuring Multi-Stage Purification™ and innovative ECO technology, Genius XE delivers exceptional quality and reliability... When only exceptional will do. Only Genius XE gives you all this: O Multi-Stage Purification™ producing analytical grade N2 O Variable flow rate up to 70 L/min and pressure up to 116 psi O ECO...

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Inspired by Genius Our original Genius series can be found in thousands of labs worldwide, having defined a benchmark in high quality nitrogen generation for analytical applications since launch in 2010. Approved and supplied by the leading mass-spec manufacturers around the world, Genius has become synonymous with nitrogen on-demand for LC-MS. But time doesn’t stand still and today’s lab demands more. With increasing instrument sensitivity, lower detection limits and pressures to maximize uptime and streamline workflow, it became clear that some customers needed more…Something exceptional....

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Innovative Technology Triplex particulate filter Three sequential stages of micro-particulate and coalescing filtration ensures the nitrogen gas is as clean and high purity as possible from a generator, and that you can have the greatest confidence in your analytical results with minimal interference even at high resolution. AirMax™ air intake The result of advanced CFD modeling, the all-new AirMax™ (patent pending) intake is precision engineered to maximize air flow into and around the integrated compressors. Combining 1st-stage particulate filtration with optimized air distribution, this...

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Two-stage moisture removal Unique reheat technology and proprietary lock-and-drain moisture removal with redundancy ensures the application is extra protected against any risk of moisture in the gas stream, delivering ultra-dry N2 into your instrument. Advanced polymer hollow fiber nitrogen membrane technology Developed in collaboration with a world leading nitrogen membrane manufacturer for the most efficient and robust nitrogen membranes, ensuring a consistently high purity of nitrogen from Genius XE, even at high flow rates. PeakOS™ control Full color, high resolution touch screen...

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Performance Raising the bar with what’s under the bench Everything about Genius XE has been designed with either superior performance or user experience in mind. With the latest advances in mass-spectrometry and increasing performance and higher sensitivities, the quality of nitrogen is more important than ever. Our approach to incorporate more stages of filtration technology than ever before and following years of research into new filtration, adsorption and drying technology, has led to Genius XE defining new benchmarks in gas quality and usability. Tested and verified performance Each...

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Peace of mind Engineered to exceptionally high specification and using proven and precision designed components, developed and refined over years of experience in manufacturing nitrogen generators for the laboratory, Genius XE is built to perform day in, day out. With a fixed annual service interval, you can be confident in maximum uptime. In the unlikely event of a fault, advanced system diagnostics will alert you to any issue via the control interface, and enable your local Peak Scientific service engineer (or approved agent) to easily troubleshoot on-site and get you back up and running...

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*Year 2 of warranty subject to generator being serviced at end of year 1 by a Peak-approved agent in accordance with fixed annual maintenance schedule. For full terms and conditions visit ** Factory certified purity with respect to O2 content. Actual purity varies in relation to flow (min. 95% at maximum flow output) (Noise level expressed as SPL (Sound Pressure Level) measured at 1m from source in a reverberant chamber Copyright © Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd 2020 - Genius Brochure XE Rev 7 PN 3302387 RSID 2464 EN -10/02/2020

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