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PEAK SCIENTIFIC A PEAK gas generation brand MS Bench SCI Modular LC-MS bench system designed exclusively for SCIEX.

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Seamless integration Laboratory grade workspace Featuring a high-specification phenolic compact laminate benchtop, the MS Bench SCI gives you over 7.5 square feet of durable, chemicalresistant work surface in your laboratory. Two models in the range provide a modular, optimised solution for positioning your SCIEX LC-MS, with the vac pump variant for the mass-spectrometer itself and the generator variant recommended for locating the HPLC upon. Noise abating vacuum pump enclosure The MS Bench SCI is designed primarily as a workstation to locate your SCIEX mass-spectrometer upon, with...

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Raising the bar with what’s under the bench Developed exclusively for SCIEX, the MS Bench SCI range provides a modular workstation with provision for either integrated gas generation or a noise abating enclosure for roughing pumps. MS Bench SCI is designed specifically for use with the current and latest mass spectrometers at SCIEX.* Two variants of the MS SCI Bench are available, both identical in form factor, aesthetics and work surface. MS Bench (G) SCI features a self-contained gas generator, providing a reliable and cost-efficient source of both nitrogen (Curtain Gas™) and clean, dry...

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MS Bench SCI Technical Specifications Minimum Operating Ambient Temperature Maximum Operating Ambient Temperature Curtain Maximum Flow^ Source Maximum Flow^ Exhaust Maximum Flow^ Suspended Liquids Electrical Requirements Power Consumption Maximum Heat Output Noise Level Usable Compartment Space (H x W x D) MS Bench Dimensions (H x W x D) MS Bench Weight ^NOTE – These performance characteristics are valid only when paired with an approved Sciex application. Please refer to current application matrix for a list of supported products. Ordering Information Part Number Annual Service Complete...

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