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Nitrogen Generator Part Number : 10-8030 Your local gas generation partner Description The Genius Series of nitrogen only/nitrogen & dry air gas generators are self contained systems with high performance internal compressors resulting in a robust and dependable LC-MS gas supply for the lab. Engineered specifically for mission-critical applications requiring maximum uptime, the NM-3G possesses a variety of extra precautionary features, including highly robust integrated compressors with additional load capacity, self-diagnostics and an alarm system to notify of any performance issue. LC-MS in time-critical and emergency applications Copyright 2017 Peak Scientific - Rev - NM-3G Data Sheet - Rev 1 - 19/06/17 Advanced alarms in the unlikely event of product issues Minimal set-up required Generator has the capacity to self-diagnose to inform when maintenance is required Gas is supplied on demand so generator works to your schedule Compressors are housed in an insulated compartment to reduce noise and vibration Highly economical source of nitrogen gas with low lifetime running costs Additional compressor capacity to ensure continuous operation in unlikely event of one compressor failure 12 month comprehensive on-site warrant

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PEAK Protected]" Peak Scientific gas generators define the benchmark in reliability, convenience and performance in laboratories around the world, and come backed by a 12 month warranty. Beyond this period however you can ensure that your investment continues to be [Protected] by our comprehensive generator care cover. Our world-class aftercare support packages deliver a program of scheduled preventative maintenance whilst giving you the reassurance of instant access to worldwide technical support and priority on-site response in the untimely event of a breakdown. Peak Scientific UK Tel:...

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