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PEGASUS MEDICAL Pegasus Medical is the partner of leading healthcare organizations and hospitals in 5 continents. Our clients recommend our products and solutions since we greatly simplify healthcare materials management with flexible and scalable solutions. We provide significant cost savings and stand behind our methodology with unmatched expertise and support. AMONG OUR CUSTOMERS: PeaceHealth 4 Hospitals in Kanban, ranging from 100-500 racks USNS Mercy & Comfort, approximately 900 racks 10 facilities in Kanban, 2650 total racks Veterans Administration Kanban and High-Density Storage,...

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UNIQUE FEATURES Clinicians need to quickly and easily locate supplies for better patient care and efficient operations. Studies show that nurses spend at least 5-20% of their time on retrieving supplies. Well-designed and implemented supply storage and inventory management systems can dramatically decrease time spent by nurses on retrieving supplies. Utilize floor space Simple color-coding technology to locate items Ergonomic design (tilted + angled baskets) Ergonomic labeling and marking Fit-to-space Kanban solution

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HYGIENIC • Easy-to-clean smooth surfaces • Pull out modules for easy cleaning DURABLE • 40kg load capacity • Telescopic rails for heavier loads • Durable coating (zinc plated + powder coating) ERGONOMIC • Baskets can be permanently angled or stored horizontally and tilted while in use MODULAR • Tool-free repositioning of basket configuration • Flexible divider system • 3 different basket / tray depths (5, 10 and 20cm)

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WORKING SPACE UTILIZATION Gaps or dead air spaces are required between shelves in order to enable access to the products at the back of the shelves Products on top levels can not be easily accessed 1 SQM/SQF of flat shelving foot print Dead spaces 33% to 50% more storage space per sqt/sqm

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Baskets are fully retractable - hence, no gaps are needed between the baskets, no space is wasted and easy access to supplies at the back of the basket is assured Clear line of sight + easy and ergonomic access to all baskets at the higher levels Can be decreased into 0.65 SQM/SQF footprint of dense storage JJJJIIIIINILLlhLniiiimiiimui HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I Ihllllllllllllllll^ iiuibkiiiiiiiiiiii I gimmimimiVj

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ORGANIZED STORAGE CLINICIANS NEED TO QUICKLY AND EASILY LOCATE SUPPLIES TO PROVIDE FASTER, BETTER PATIENT CARE AND EFFICIENT OPERATION By placing supplies in appropriate categories and applying unique colors to each category, the clinicians are provided greater visibility. Pegasus has developed new ergonomic basket handles with interchangeable colored strips, enabling clinicians to quickly locate supplies using colored group categories: REPLACEABLE COLOR STRIPS

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RACK DIMENSIONS INCREASED EFFICIENCY IN ORGANIZING SUPPLIES is achieved by using Pegasus dense storage racks in two orientations (E, U), and multiple basket depths configurations U type basket orientation: E type basket orientation:

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SYSTEM COMPONENTS RAILS ANGLED RAILS Fixed rails for top access HORIZONTAL/TILT RAILS Baskets can be pulled and tilted. (up to 5 kg) Optional “click-in” wheels for smoother basket sliding (5-10kg) “click-in” wheel TELESCOPIC RAILS To be used with baskets heavier than 10kg 100% extension * For safety reason it is not allowed to load more than 10 kg in baskets placed on telescopic slides at upper levels (above 140cm) BULK ITEMS Bulk items can be stored on wire shelving in combination with dense storage baskets DOUBLE U WIRE SHELF 65cm (25.6”) / 85.5cm (33.7”) TRIPLE U WIRE SHELF 65cm (25.6”)...

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TRAYS AND BASKETS ABS CREAM COLOR POLYCARBONATE CLEAR COLOR ANTIMICROBIAL MODULES Proven to reduce the levels of bacteria on the module surface by up to 99% within 24 hours. HIGH RESISTANCE Used for cleaning application in central sterilization facilities * Lids fit trays of 10cm and 20cm high only

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* Also available in 210cm (82.7”) height - on special order * Racks can be ordered with leveling feet instead of wheels – 4cm (4.6”) less in height

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PROJECTS USNS MERCY & USNS COMFORT Our installations on the US Naval Hospital ships, Mercy and Comfort, consist of close to 1000 high-density storage racks. By using Pegasus racking system throughout the ships in locations such as the Patient Wards, OR Suites/Sterile Core and more, both vessels can deploy with enough supplies to service from 250-1000 beds with less than 48 hours notice. US NAVAL HOSPITALS Pegasus was chosen by the US Navy to design and install a Kanban inventory (2-Bin) system in combination with high-density storage racks and baskets. In doing so, Pegasus enabled 10 Naval...

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PENN PRESBYTERIAN MEDICAL CENTER - University of Pennsylvania Presbyterian is the latest Pegasus Kanban project to include our new color-coded handles. The Kanban system enables the Materials Management Department to reduce its on-hand inventory levels and labor hours while improving the supply chain workflow. This new color-coded ergonomic handle methodology adds an enhanced a visual element to the system, providing both clinicians, and supply chain personnel with a quick and easy way to locate supplies. All supplies are categorized and assigned to a specific color grouping that is...

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BEFORE & AFTER CAPITAL HEALTH, NJ The facility uses the Pegasus color-coding process, which allows clinicians to easily locate items based on color categories and/or by descriptions. VA MEDICAL CTR - LEBANON, PA VA Lebanon deployed the Pegasus high density storage. As a result in most clean supply rooms, 40% of the floor space was recovered, allowing multiple areas to be consolidated into one storage room.

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