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Technology for people of limited mobility „Always in good hands“ Bathlifts Swivelling transfer discs

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Bathlifts - battery operated Bathlift PM 48-6 ntee* 10 years guara Bathlift PM 58 Contents: ts: Bathlift PM 48-6 2

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Bathlifts - battery operated Bathlift PM 48 Junior ntee* 10 years guara Contents: Bathlift PM 48 Junior 3

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Transfer discs Soft transfer disc with hygiene overlay Soft transfer disc foam material Soft transfer disc with overlay foam material foam material Soft discs are made of a very soft, flexible and skin-friendly material. The back side of the soft discs is made of an ultra-low friction material and makes the disc extremely easy gliding. The surface is made of a coated foam material and offers a comfortable and non-slip seat. The soft discs are very flexible and with only 5 mm height; the user feels safe and comfortable when sitting on the bathlift. The soft discs allow optimum freedom of...

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Bathlift - spring-drive mechanism Bathlift Peter Pan® PM IV with side aps Bathlift Peter Pan® Accessories and spare parts: Handle Backrest (cover excluded) Back cover white Set of suction feet (4 pieces) Transfer disc with grips ee* 10 years guarant Stay mobile! Contents: 5

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- spring-drive mechanism Bathlift Peter Pan® Junior The Peter Pan® Junior, with its weight of 9 kg, can be placed in any bath tub without difficulty. It is operated with a removable crank handle and moves as light as a feather with the patented spring-assisted mechanism. The Peter Pan® Junior can be operated in the bath tub at any required height. The drive, hand crank, top and bottom frame, scissor rod and spring mechanism are all rustproof stainless steel and the drive is maintenance-free. The Peter Pan®, with its own hygiene seal, is very easy to clean and disinfect and it is resistant...

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Bathlifts with removable back athlifts removable v Bathlift Peter Pan® Long - spring-drive mechanism Bathlift Peter Pan® Long Contents: Height-adapter on enquiry Bathlift PM III - waterhydraulic Bathlift PM III Contents: 7

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with removable back The PM II is driven by a waterhydraulic mechanism that can be connected to a usual water or shower tap. The PM II offers perfect and comfortable bathing for elderly people. The self-reclining back enables to bath with shoulders under water. The back can optionally fixed when lowering or raising the bathlift. The PM II can be easily operated by a handcontroller and fits in almost every bath tub. Accessories and spare parts Seat height lowered: Weight limit: Sitting area: Water pressure: 4) Suction foot front 5) Rubber foot rear 9) Side flap protectors Please contact us if...

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