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Technology for people of limited mobility “Petermann – because every   movement counts” MOTION TRANSFER AIDS TRANSFER AIDS

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Index Your quick overview Technology for people of limited mobility TRANSFER AIDS TRANSFER AIDS Blue Motion® TRANSFER AIDS Evacuation systems

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Technology for people of limited mobility

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Innovations We know what you need Petermann product ideas emerge exactly where they will be required and used later on – in dayto-day life. Every Petermann product has been developed to meet the requirements of caregivers and patients who need to master a sequence of movements. The Petermann teams are involved in the daily activities of caregivers and see every day the heavy the daily burden and challenge they face when caring for people with limited mobility. Quality Safe products for proficient care – Made in Germany Many years of experience, the latest production technologies, innovative...

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Alpha® Caremaster TRANSFER AIDS Caremaster M Item no. PM-2095 Dimensions 175 x 60 cm Material PES/Carbon Caremaster XL Item no. PM-2097 Dimensions 185 x 70 cm Material PES/Carbon TRANSFER AIDS Sliding Mat large PES/Carbon Item no. PM-1215 Dimensions 110 x 80 cm Material PES/Carbon Sliding Mat Item no. PM-1220 Dimensions 100 x 70 cm Material Cotton/ natural ticking Alpha® Slide Sheet Set 2-parts TRANSFER AIDS TRANSFER AIDS Bed Wedges Item no. PM-8010 Dimensions 2 x Bed Wedges 25 x 22  x 13 cm Dimensions 1 x Bed Wedges 50 x 22 x 13 cm Material PU-Non-Slip S. 25 TRANSFER AIDS Transfersystem...

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Alpha® Transfer Seat Swing Alpha® Transfer Aid Merlin TRANSFER AIDS consisting of: Transfer Aid Loop Belt Raising Aid TRANSFER AIDS Alpha® Raising Aid Pegasus TRANSFER AIDS Sliding Board with rounded edges PM-5030 Item no. Dimensions 74 x 32 cm Material Polyethylene Sliding Board Item no. Dimensions Turning Disc Item no. Dimensions Material Alpha® Non-Slip Cushion TRANSFER AIDS Sliding Board Quick Item no. PM-5010 Dimensions 74 x 24 cm Material Polyethylene TRANSFER AIDS Material: Polyneric Compound Bed Ladder Item no. PM-6090 Dimensions 170 x 8 cm Material Nylon TRANSFER AIDS Sliding Mat...

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Alpha® Rollboard Vision TRANSFER AIDS Alpha® Rollboard Vision for large bridging pathways Rollboard Vision Item no. Dimensions Material: Rollboard Polyethylene Cover nylon Item numbers replacement covers see page 46 Wall Rack Item no. Dimensions Material OnlyU® PEM-Disposable Sliding Foil PEM-Disposable Sliding Foil 70 cm Item no. PM-060.70-100 Dimensions 70 cm x 100 m Item no. PMF-9153 Dimensions 150 x 60 cm foldable PEM-Disp. Slid. Foil PM-060.60-100 including foil cutter PEM-Disposable Sliding Foil 70 cm with dispenser box and foil cutter Item no. PM-060.75-100 Dimensions 70 cm x 100 m...

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Petermann YouTube Channel Videos of our products Our channel contains examples of how to use our repositioning and transfer aids. A range of applications for different health conditions as well as backfriendly work methods are introduced in detail. INFO Please bear in mind that our videos do not replace product training! “Take a look round and visit our new YouTube Channel!

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Alpha® Caremaster Open Sliding Mat The Caremaster sliding mat is used for the transfer of patients in seated and supine positions and for turning patients in bed. It assists by providing secure support and momentum to the movement sequence without having to touch the patient in a sensitive area. Special sizes on request! Soft padding allows comfortable transfer Head support for a gentle transfer The Caremaster with three extra-strong webbed loops can also be used for very heavy persons TRANSFER AIDS

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Alpha® Sliding Mat The Alpha sliding mats reduce the frictional resistance while moving the patient. They are particularly helpful in easing patient transfers in bed, into the shower gurney, the wheelchair etc. Depending on the patients functional capacities, the Alpha sliding mat also supports the chest and pelvis for positioning and turning onto the side. Alpha sliding mats can also be used to transfer heavy patients, patients requiring special care and pre-medicated patients from a supine to a prone position. Sliding Mat large Item no. Item no. Dimensions For the outer surface of the...

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Alpha® Turn Sheet Set 3-parts The sliding mat is especially designed for patients who have to be repositioned frequently or who are particularly sensitive to pain and respond any contact or movement with pain. The sliding mat is particularly used in the bed for turning or positioning a patient on their side or for moving them to the top end. If the patient is unable to move with the sliding mat on their own, a fitted sheet can be placed in the bed as a pull sheet. The sliding mat has four strong straps at the top. These can be used to fasten it to the slatted frame at the top of the bed,...

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Alpha® Turn Sheet This turn sheet was developed specially for patients who are particularly sensitive to pain. The processing of breathable textile products enables the patient to remain on the turn sheet on an ongoing basis. The hidden handles and loops of the turn sheet make it possible for the carer to move the patient freely and gently to the desired care situation in the bed. The turn sheet can be attached to the head of the bed or laterally to the slatted frame with the attachment straps provided. The stop strips additionally applied to the outside on the fitted sheet and the...

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Alpha® Slide Sheet Set 2-parts The slide sheet is a two-piece aid for reducing the friction when repositioning and moving patients while providing bedside nursing. It consists of a bottom sheet (200 x 90 cm) and a top sheet (200 x 140 cm). With the sliding surface facing up, place the bottom sheet lengthwise across the middle of the bed. Fix the two overhanging ends of the sheet smoothly underneath the mattress. Now place the top sheet with the sliding surface facing down. The top sheet can now be moved into any direction while bearing load. Place your palm between the patient and the...

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