-30°C Biomedical ECO Freezer DF-MU300H-PE


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World first: inverter technology • NEW inverter compressor technology delivers energy saving, high performance cooling • Outstanding reliability and performance • Natural refrigerants for a reduced carbon footprint • Up to 60% reduction in power consumption for lower Model KM-MU49H1E (482 litres) compared to the equivalent model MDF-U5312 at set-value -30°C, 30°C ambient, no load, 230V 50Hz. Actual energy use will depend on operating conditions.

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Inverter technology While conventional freezers use single speed compressors which cycle on and off, Panasonic's latest biomedical freezers contain inverter compressors that can run at different speeds to maximise cooling performance under different conditions. As the compressor is not cycling on and off as frequently the temperature uniformity of the freezer is significantly improved. Inverter compressors have the added advantage of reducing the energy consumption of the freezer which is not only better for the environment but also helps to reduce running costs. normal compressor inverter...

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