-86°C VIP ECO Ultra Low Freezers MDF-DU500VH-PE


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will change to PHCbi In April 2018, our Biomedical Business Brand will change to PHCbi Cost-saving and environmentally friendly sample storage within an optimal footprint The MDF-DU500VH VIP ECO -86°C Upright Freezer provides maximum sample storage capacity within an optimum footprint combined with natural refrigerants to minimise energy consumption, reduce environmental impact and save money. MDF-DU500VH-PE Reliable Technologies Efficient Refrigeration Optimum Sample Storage Naturally occurring hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants provide more efficient cooling due to their high latent heat of evaporation. As well as improved performance this leads to reduced power consumption and energy costs. The use of space saving patented VIP PLUS panels within the freezer cabinet provides a reduced wall thickness for maximum interior volume. This results in a capacity of up to 384 2” boxes. The compressors that are specifically designed for ultra-low temperature applications are employed in the proven cascade refrigeration system ensuring the highest levels of performance and reliability. Environmentally Friendly Uniform Sample Storage Dependable Preservation Ideal for laboratories looking to reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact to comply with sustainability policies. The uniform and stable temperatures provided are ideal for storage of DNA, RNA and other important biological samples. Quality of design and manufacture ensures trusted and reliable storage that maintains the integrity of precious samples

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-86°C VIP ECO  Ultra Low Freezers MDF-DU500VH-PE - 2

Efficient Cooling By Design Hydrocarbon refrigerants are used alongside a number of specialist design features, including a patent pending heat exchanger with increased surface area, for maximum efficiency. A smaller compressor can be used as a result of the efficient HC refrigerants. When combined with carefully selected and matched refrigeration system components this ensures optimum operation under demanding laboratory environments as weft as lower internal temperatures for increased durability and reduced air conditioning requirements. High Storage Capacity VIP ULT freezers provide up...

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