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Commitment to PHC Quality - 1

COMMITMENT TO QUALITY The “MONOZUKURI Way”. When quality becomes a customer-driven concept, quality includes meeting or exceeding our customers’ needs or expectations.

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Commitment to PHC Quality - 2

MONOZUKURI - Craftsmanship The most important points that customers demand of our products are quality and reliability. At our factories, we have established the "MONOZUKURI Way" as a theme of action, and we are carrying out various initiatives to improve quality, and working to pass on the legacy of traditional Japanese manufacturing technology in a multi-faceted fashion.

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Commitment to PHC Quality - 3

Sales and After-Sales Service Table of contents PHCbi Quality The road to PHCbi Quality 4 1 Understanding Customer Demands 8 2 Creating a New Product Concept (Developing Basic Technology) 10 3 Creating a New Product Concept (Exterior/Interior Designs) 12 4 Checking Local Legislation 14 8 Transportation (packaging design) 26 10 Sales and After-Sales Service 28

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Commitment to PHC Quality - 4

The road to PHCbi Quality In April 2018, Panasonic Healthcare Holdings Co., Ltd. customers in the medical and life science fields under changed its name to PHC Holdings Corporation, and both the Sanyo and Panasonic brands. our Biomedical Products are now marketed under our newly launched PHCbi brand. While the company and brand names may have The “bi” part of our new brand PHCbi is not only a changed, there are no key changes. As before, we will shortened form of the word “biomedical” but also continue to provide our customers with high-quality represents both our strength and philosophy as...

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Commitment to PHC Quality - 5

Number of our products operating worldwide Number of sales countries Number of sales offices South America

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Commitment to PHC Quality - 6

Quality - It's a word that all are familiar with and one which many manufacturers claim to have or strive for. In the view of PHC, quality is a term that is ultimately defined by the customer. When quality becomes a customer-driven concept, quality includes meeting or exceeding our customers' needs or expectations. We focus on total quality which includes advanced processes and the culture of our organization. The result of our total quality initiatives involve many steps to provide our customers with superior value. Understanding Customer Demands Our vision of total quality involves many...

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Commitment to PHC Quality - 7

Mass Production packaging design Sales and After-Sales Service Under PHC standards, quality actions required in new product development must clear three hurdles: AQ-0 approval for design completion, AQ-1 decision for shifting to mass production and AQ-2 decision for shipping mass-produced units. The Gunma factory was established in 1959 as the Tokyo manufacturing site for Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. It is a core facility housing the Product Technology Development & Design Department, Quality Assurance Department and Production Department. Our product packaging is designed to fulfill various...

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Commitment to PHC Quality - 8

1 I Understanding Customer Demands Our vision of total quality involves many face-to-face visits to customers to directly hear what they have to say about using the equipment we have supplied. How they feel about using the equipment as well as their opinions on how we can improve our products. improving it. Customer visits are typically conducted by sales, marketing and product planning department personnel. In many instances, technical personnel and design engineers also make customer visits as it helps them better understand customer needs and better disseminate utilize the information...

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Commitment to PHC Quality - 10

2 I Creating a New Product Concept (Developing Basic Technology) Developing a concept for a new product is very similar each component in our products as well as those of to the "basic research" processes in life sciences. our competitors. We start creating basic technologies Technical staff and engineers develop various basic and with a broad view so we do not simply depend on our innovative technologies to realize the concept for a new product that will solve customers’ issues and meet their requirements. The goal of each tear down can range from the scope of a complete platform, to a...

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Commitment to PHC Quality - 11

The ideas conceived by technicians and engineers are Improving performance and specifications versus examined from both 2D and 3D perspectives. Initially, maintaining a product’s exterior dimensions is a samples are created as non-functional prototypes; challenge that is often encountered. Achieving the followed by handmade, fully functional models. By planned performance and specifications is critical. experimenting and verifying prototypes from various However, reducing product footprints to a minimum perspectives, issues are detected and improved upon. without compromising performance...

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Commitment to PHC Quality - 12

3 I Creating a New Product Concept (Exterior/Interior Designs) As soon as engineering personnel begin developing a technological element, the design staff sets out to work on images. These are initially basic sketches, but over time, as they are presented to engineering for examination in detail, the images are rendered in 2D and 3D. Our design staff are able to utilize a wide scope of knowhow, tools and lessons learned accumulated over 50 years of product development. For example, deciding on the height of shelves in a refrigerator cabinet, the door opening/closing angles, positioning of...

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Commitment to PHC Quality - 14

4 I Checking Local Legislation We manufacture products for use in approximately 110 countries and regions around the world. Obviously, different laws and regulations apply, so we are always working to ensure our products conform to the laws and regulations of the individual locations. Various pharmaceutical, safety, and environmental regulations around the world affect our product designs to ensure that we meet prevailing regulatory guidelines. At the same time, we also ensure that our manufacturing standards meet global initiatives for reduced carbon footprint. • Japan - Pharmaceutical...

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Commitment to PHC Quality - 15

• China - Food and Drug Administration codes (CFDA). Laws and regulations are constantly changing and in order to stay up-to-speed with existing regulations worldwide, our Legislative Division is always monitoring changes. Although designing and manufacturing products for a global market means that we need to design for the most strict of those standards, the end result is that our customers receive the most robust and environmentally friendly products.

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