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Panasonic's MIR programmable cooled incubators are recognised as exceptional units ideal for a wide range of applications, from water testing to insect studies.

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Pure Performance Panasonics Cooled Incubators have been recognised as exceptional units suitable for a wide range of applications. These incubators offer precise, repeatable control of programmable temperatures and lighting patterns which are essential to biological research and environmental studies. Improved experimentation of repetitive operation and operability Programmable operation function with microprocessor control Combining flexible temperature (H), light on/off (L) and time control (T), a maximum 12-step plus constant operation or max. 12-step repeating operation can be...

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Cooled Incubators - 3

Intuitive operation with new LCD display • Easy operability with LCD display and pop up menu. • 24-hour Clock mode and Timer mode are selectable. • Combination of multiple programs in Join function. • Programmable operation start date and hour. • Operation data can be auto-recorded and graphically displayed. • Data can be sent to PC using optional communication interface board (MTR-480). • Chamber light ON-OFF control. MENU button Condensation prevention (MIR-554 only) A humidity reduction mode helps reduce inner chamber condensation that may occur during high...

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Chamber pull-down/pull-up characteristics (Ambient temperature 20°C Power source: AC100V/50Hz) Incubator Series Appearance and specification are subject to change without notice. Time (Hr) *The data shown above are taken with the fluorescent (amp off. Characteristics may vary depending on the product or operating conditions. notes: 1) Nominal Value 2) MIR-L15-PE operates between +2°C and +50°C for more online information: Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd., Gunma factory is certified for: Quality management system: ISO9001 / Medical devices quality...

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