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INNOVATIVE PARTNERS FOR LIFE SCIENCES DEVELOPMENT PHCbi Biomedical products are designed to meet the demands of the pharmaceutical & biotechnology industries, providing reliability, accuracy, and sample security to facilitate cutting-edge research and drug discovery.

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PHCbi products include technology that spans preservation, incubation, sterilisation and healthcare, whether you need excellent sample security in a ULT freezer or the best environment for cell culture in a CO2 incubator, PHC Europe B.V. has the most reliable, high-quality medical and laboratory equipment – backed by more than 50 years’ experience in the sector. This longstanding presence in the market means we’ve built valuable relationships with leading pharmaceutical, healthcare and biotechnology partners. Our European network means we can satisfy customer demands across the continent...

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General Catalogue - 3

Innovative partners for Life Sciences development Table of contents PHCbi product overview Ultra Low Temperature Freezers MDF Ultra Low Temperature Freezers (-86ºC) MIR Heated and Cooled Incubators MLR Versatile Climatic Chamber PrimeSurface® 3D Cell Culture Plates Validation & Qualification Solutions

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General Catalogue - 4

Committed to Quality We at PHC Europe B.V. are committed to providing our customers with first class biomedical and pharmacy automation products and supporting services. Our goal is to maintain our market-leading reputation for excellent standards and for consistently living up to our customers’ expectations. We are very proud that PHC Europe B.V’s quality management system is certified (by TÜV Nederland) to ISO9001:2015 We hold the certification that covers the sales, distribution, service and validation of biomedical and pharmacy-automation equipment covering our sites in Etten-Leur...

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General Catalogue - 5

For more than 25 years we have responded to the needs of our pharmaceutical, biotechnology, hospital/ clinical and industrial customers, offering an unique perspective on scientific research in general. As a result we play a critical role in product development for worldwide applications and have established a reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality and innovative medical and laboratory equipment. Long lasting relationships have been built with leading pharmaceutical, healthcare and biotechnology companies as well as with major academic and research institutes in Europe. PHC Europe...

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General Catalogue - 6

Innovative partners for Life Sciences development The complete line of PHC Europe B.V. products includes an array of laboratory equipment with the most advanced technology, controls, construction and performance attributes in the industry. Today we apply the most sophisticated refrigeration compressor design and state-of-the-art electronics to ultra-low and cryogenic freezers, refrigerators, CO2 and Multigas incubators and Climatic Test Chambers marketed to life science, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, healthcare and industrial laboratory markets. Preservation -86ºC storage temperature Ultra...

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General Catalogue - 7

Product overview Preservation -20ºC to -40ºC storage temperature Biomedical Freezers Effective storage of life-saving vaccines and samples for diagnosis in the medical field. +4ºC storage temperature Pharmaceutical Refrigerators Uniform storage temperature for the most demanding applications. +4ºC storage temperature Bloodbank Refrigerators Designed to conform to AABB criteria, with assured stable and reliable temperature control utilizing PHCbi original technology. Cell Culture Live Cell Shipping 3D Cell Culture Plates Ultra Low Attachment 3D Cell Culture Plates PHC provide superior...

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General Catalogue - 8

ULTRA LOW TEMPERATURE FREEZERS In response to the needs of leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, hospital/clinical and industrial customers, PHC Europe B.V. offer a unique perspective on Ultra Low Temperature preservation. As part of PHC Corporation, Biomedical Division, PHC Europe B.V. plays a critical role in product development for worldwide applications. As a result, PHCbi products incorporate the latest applied theories and ideas, refrigeration compressors, electronic components, energy efficiency, robotic manufacturing and economies-of-scale that directly benefit our customers....

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General Catalogue - 9

TwinGuard ULT Freezers Our most secure ultra-low temperature freezers for the storage of high value samples TwinGuard Ultra Low Temperature Freezers with Dual Cooling Technology offer the highest level of security for high-value samples. Alongside exceptional ease-of-use and data monitoring, the Dual Cooling System provides the highest level of protection through the use of two independent refrigeration systems. If one system unexpectedly fails, the other can maintain the freezer’s temperature uniformly in the -70°C range. Developed for use with conventionalCRYOGENIC ULT & inventory racks...

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General Catalogue - 10

Innovative partners for Life Sciences development REFRIGERATION FIRST INTELLIGENT ECO MODE OPERATION EZlatch The EZ Latch door handle was developed based on human engineering. It is designed for secure door opening/ compressor HYBRID closing with Minimum effort as the name suggests and make access to stored sample easier. The TwinGuard ULT Freezers can be set to Normal or ECO mode operation, depending on the requirements of the user. Although both refrigeration systems are completely independent, ECO mode establishes an overlapping cycle to significantly reduce energy consumption while...

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General Catalogue - 11

ULT & ULT & CRYOGENIC REFRIGERATION REFRIGERATIONCRYOGENIC compressor compressor HYBRID compressor HYBRID INCUBATION INCUBATION compressor HYBRID INCUBATION INCUBATION Integrated REFRIGERATION REFRIGERATION INCUBATION INCUBATION Integrated ULT & ULT & CRYOGENIC REFRIGERATION REFRIGERATIONCRYOGENIC compressor Integrated shelves TwinGuard Upright Freezers Model Number Temperature control range External dimensions (WxDxH) Internal dimensions (WxDxH) Power Consumption Normal Mode: 9,7 / Eco Mode: 8,3* Normal Mode: 16,5 / Eco Mode: 15,3* Normal Mode: 16,9 / Eco Mode: 15,7* * (Set value temp....

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