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Optimising cell culture outcomes and reproducibility IncuSafe CO2 Incubators provide precise control of CO2 concentration and accurate, uniform, and highly responsive temperature control within the chamber. During cell culturing the inCu-saFe germicidal interior and SafeCell UV lamp work continuously to prevent contamination. MCO-170AIC-PE Precise & Regulated Environment Time-Saving Decontamination InCu-saFe and SafeCell UV both function to prevent contamination. The Direct Heat and Air Jacket System regulates the temperature whilst the Dual IR sensor controls the CO2 level. The high-speed decontamination system uses vaporised hydrogen peroxide and UV light. It cleans the chamber of the incubator safely in less than three hours, achieving a minimal 6 log reduction of major contaminants. A full colour LCD touchscreen allows full control even with gloved hands. Transfer of data is easy via a USB port. The easy-toclean incubator interior features fully rounded corners and integrated shelf supports. Optimum Cell Growth Efficient Workflows Intuitive Usability Outstanding quality and performance for successful cell growth, optimal results and reproducibility. Perfect fit for the strictest and most sensitive protocols. Complete laboratory procedures and experiments more efficiently with less incubator downtime. Ideal for commercial applications. Control and visibility of the internal conditions, such as CO2 level and temperature, is easy with the MCO-170AIC CO2 incubator.

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Direct Heat and Air Jacket System Achieves accurate, uniform, and highly responsive temperature control within the chamber, providing exceptional uniformity and rapid recovery after door-openings. Dual IR CO2 Sensor The incubator's Dual IR sensor and P.I.D control enables ultra-fast CO2 recovery without overshoot, even following multiple door-openings. Active Background Decontamination The exclusive inCu-saFe copper-enriched stainless steel alloy interor offers the germicidal properties of copper and the durability of stainless steel. The optional, isolated, SafeCell UV lamp decontaminates...

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