MDF-1156(ATN)-PE Cryogenic Freezer


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Cryogenic -150°C Chest Freezer The most uniform storage temperatures for cryopreservation solutions The MDF-1156 Cryogenic Freezer offers unparalleled safety, reliability and uniform temperatures well below -135°C for ideal long-term cryopreservation solutions. Alarm and Safety Devices Long-term Storage Reliable Technologies The electronically controlled freezer maintains inner cabinet temperature at an ultra-low -152ºC (ambient temperature of 30oC), far lower than the re crystalization point for pure water (-130ºC). This low temperature provides the ideal preservation environ ment for long-term storage. Compressors that are specifically designed for ultra-low temperature applications are employed in the proven cascade refrigeration system ensuring the highest levels of performance and reliability. Alarm and safety devices ensure high levels of protection in case of high temperature deviations, power failure or filter blockage. Uniform Sample Storage Easy Monitoring The uniform and stable temperatures provided are ideal for storage of cells, tissues and other important biological samples. The highest levels of protection for valuable samples, without the risks of cross contamination and vertical temperature gradients. The control panel provides a clear view of the temperature and gives a notification in the case of abnormaliti

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Cryogenic -150°C Chest Freezer Model Number Dimensions External Dimensions (W x D x H)1) Performance Cooling performance 2) Temperature setting range Temperature control range 2) Control Controller Microprocessor, non-volatile memory Temperature sensor Application Specific Design Due to the extended operation of compressors within ultra-low temperature freezers, lubricant oil is essential to reduce wear, prevent abrasions and seizure and therefore maintain the highest levels of freezer performance. However, when lubricant oil circulates within the refrigeration circuit, it can cause piping...

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