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REFRIGER ATION HYBRID WATER COOLED ULTRA LOW TEMPERATURE AND CRYOGENIC FREEZERS Models: MDF-DU502VHW-PE | MDF-DU702VHW-PE MDF-C2156VANW-PE Hybrid water cooling improves the performance of the refrigeration system leading to reduced pull-down times. This provides faster temperature recovery after door opening and sample loading, thereby protecting samples by helping to maintain the correct temperature.

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HYBRID ULTRA LOW TEMPERATURE FREEZERS HYBRID VIP ECO Upright Freezers HYBRID VIP Cryogenic Freezer 526 litres Freezer (up to 384 2”boxes) 729 litres Freezer (up to 576 2”boxes) AN INTRODUCTION TO PHCbi HYBRID COOLING When a high-quality ultra low temperature or cryogenic freezer is equipped with a Hybrid water cooling option, the unit can handle a chilled water circuit to extract the generated heat from the condenser or use the traditional air-cooled way with a fan motor. With this new setup, the freezer can switch from water cooled to air cooled in case the water system is not operated. A...

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Benefits of Hybrid technology LOWER ENERGY USE AND RUNNING COSTS IMPROVED FREEZER PERFORMANCE AND SAMPLE PROTECTION • Water has a greater heat absorption capacity than air. Therefore a water cooled condenser is more efficient than a conventional air cooled condenser. As a result, the compressor efficiency is improved, and the power consumption of a Hybrid ULT can be reduced by typically 10~12% compared to the equivalent air cooled model. • Compared to an air cooled freezer a Hybrid water cooled freezer will reduce the heat dissipation into the air. This results in the reduction of air...

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VIP ULT Freezers PHCbi DESIGN & ULTIMATE RELIABILITY EFFICIENT COOLING VIP ultra low temperature freezers offer advanced cabinet design, reliable refrigeration systems and easy-to-use controllers making them ideal for the long-term secure storage of valuable samples. Every component is carefully selected and matched for optimum operation under demanding laboratory conditions, while the internal layout of the refrigeration system is meticulously designed for maximum heat removal, reducing stress on the system and therefore providing the highest levels of reliability and durability. Cascade...

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HYBRID TECHNOLOGY PHCbi’s patented VIP PLUS technology has resulted in a revolutionary vacuum insulation cabinet construction with improved thermal properties for superior temperature performance. PHCbi’s Hybrid water cooled technology on VIP ultra low temperature and cryogenic freezers improves the compressor efficiency. The power consumption of a Hybrid ULT can be reduced by typically 10~12% compared to the equivalent air-cooled model. PLATE HEAT EXCHANGER INNOVATIVE DESIGN Heat energy from inside the freezer compartment PHC was the first company to introduce vacuum insulation is...

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HYBRID CASCADE COOLING SYSTEM Example of MDF-C2156VANW-PE Low Stage Capillary Tube. Liquid refrigerant under pressure is passed through the capillary tube where it evaporates in the low stage evaporator to absorb energy (heat) from the product stored in the freezer. Freezer Cabinet with Evaporator. The evaporator coil is strategically wrapped around to provide optimum temperature uniformity within the freezer cabinet. High Stage Capillary Tube. Liquid refrigerant under pressure is passed through the capillary tube where it evaporates in the interstage heat exchanger to absorb energy (heat)...

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HOW DOES WATER COOLING WORK? ULT Hybrid Freezer Stage 1 Heat energy from inside the freezer compartment is transferred by refrigerant gasses to a plate heat exchanger in the high-stage circuit, in front of the conventional air cooled condenser. Inside the plate heat exchanger energy is transferred from the refrigerant to a closed water circuit. In the PHC design, heat is transferred from multiple points in the high-stage refrigeration circuit using a custom heat exchanger to maximise energy transfer and optimise freezer performance. Plate Heat Exchanger Note: using a water-cooled condenser,...

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VIP ECO Ultra Low Temperature Freezers with natural refrigerants minimise energy consumption, reduce environmental impact and save money. Innovative technology and Class IIa Medical Device Certification provideCRYOGENIC ULT & secure storage of valuable research and clinical ULT & CRYOGENIC ULT & CRYOGENIC samples. The VIP vacuum insulation ensures an optimal REFRIGERATION REFRIGERATION footprint to storage capacity ratio. REFRIGERATION REFRIGERATION HYBRID compressor compressor HYBRID HYBRID compressor INCUBATION INCUBATION The VIP ECO ULT Freezers use vacuum insulation panel (VIP)...

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VIP ECO FREEZERS FEATURES ULT & CRYOGENIC The new EZLatch door handle on the MDF-DU502VHW-PE, MDF-DU702VHW-PE makes access to stored samples even easier. Designed to open with minimal effort and repeatedly stress tested to ensure endurance. Multiple access ports permit insertion of independent probes, instrumentation or liquid CO2 back-up injectors. EZlatch for smooth, one-handed operation and positive gasket seal. Provision for padlock. Front access to washable, electrostatic condenser filter for routine condenser air filter cleaning. Universal keyed door lock offers added security....

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VIP ECO SERIES TOUCH SCREEN 1. Present temperature display field: The current chamber temperature is displayed. 2. Set temperature value display field: The set value of chamber temperature is displayed. Default setting: -80ºC. 3. Message display field: Alarms, errors or messages are displayed when a fault occurs. 4. Filter display: Lights when the condenser filter has excessive dust accumulated on it and requires cleaning. 5. Alarm display: Normal condition: “Normal” is displayed. Alarm-activated, buzzer-delayed: “Alarm” is displayed. Alarm-activated, buzzer-sounding: “Warning” is...

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VIP -150°C Cryogenic Chest Freezer Cryogenic Freezers are well-known for maintaining uniform temperatures at -150 ºC for the reliable, long-term preservation of cells and tissues. With thin Model: MDF-C2156VANW-PE vacuum insulation panel (VIP) walls, the ULT & CRYOGENIC can achieve more storage capacity than a conventionally insulated freezer without increasing footprint, while REFRIGERATION INCUBATION also maintaining superior temperature uniformity. compressor REFRIGERATION CRYOGENIC FREEZERS PROVIDE SAMPLE STABILITY compressor A uniformity of +/-5ºC in our mechanically refrigerated...

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