MDF-MU549DH-PE -40°C Plasma Freezer


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Cost-saving and environmentally friendly fresh frozen plasma storage Biomedical ECO -40°C Plasma Freezer, with two independent chambers for sample storage at selectable temperatures, and natural refrigerants minimise energy consumption, reduce environmental impact and save money. The MDF-MU549DH-PE provides secure storage of valuable research and clinical samples. Natural Refrigerants and Inverter Technology Safe & Secure Sample Storage Height-adjustable shelf trays Naturally occuring hydro carbon [HC] refrigerants have minimal effect on the environment and are compliant with environmental legislation for climate control. Combined with inverter technology, these refrigerants also provide more efficient cooling without compromising cooling perform nce and a ambient tolerance and recovery speeds following door openings. The MDF-MU549DH-PE has high and low abnormal temperature alarms, and manual defrosting to prevent samples from being affected by temperature variations. The freezer features two separate outer doors to reduce cold air leakage when taking samples in and out of the freezer. The MDF-MU549DH-PE features completely heightadjustable shelf trays. The freezer can optional be equipped with storage containers. Optional drawer and racking systems are available upon request. Normal compressor Inverter controlled compressor Upper chamber Compressor speed (rpm) Lower chamber Door open Before door open Door latch After door open Time Stable Temperatures Inverter compressors provide optimum stability, while quality of design ensures reliability. Ideal for samples that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Two independently controlled temperature chambers Top and bottom chambers are equipped with two independent refrigeration circuits. This enables separate temperature settings and defrosting for the two chambers. Lockable door latch To securely preserve/manage the valuable samples, in addition to a standard-feature door lock, a hole in the latch allows a padlock to be attach

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BIOMEDICAL ECO -40°C Plasma Freezer MDF-MU549DH-PE with optional pull-out storage containers Both freezer compartments can individually be defrosted. Defrosting can become an easy task with the drain hose. Reliable Sample Security A comprehensive self-diagnostic system and visual and audible alarm system with remote alarm contacts ensures users are aware of any abnormalities and can take appropriate actions to ensure the safety of previous samples. The double doors come with a key lock as standard and provision for an additional padlock to be added (padlock not provided) for extra security....

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