MIR-554-PE Cooled Incubator


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Cooled Incubators All-round performance The MIR-554 Cooled Incubator is suitable for a wide range of pplications. This incubator offers precise, repeatable a c ontrol of programmable temperatures and lighting patterns, which are essential to biological research and environmental studies. MIR-554-PE Repetitive Operation & Operability High-precision Temperature Control Precise, repeatable control of programmable temperatures and lighting patterns. A program can be set to repeat for a minimum of one time to a maximum of 98 times or continuous repeat. Precise temperature control with a high precision microprocessor combined with a heater PID and compressor on/off system. The temperature control ranges from -10˚C to +60˚C. Diverse experiments Condensation prevention Ideal for experimentation during night time and holidays, experimentation that requires settings to be changed, micro-organism culture and preservation. A humidity reduction mode helps reduce inner chamber condensation that may occur during high temperature operation. Intuitive Operation A LCD control panel with touch keyboard displays temperature and time, and allows easy setting of parameters. Operation data can be auto-recorded and graphically displayed. Wide temperature control range from -10˚C to +60˚C With a wide temperature range from -10˚C to +60˚C, the MIR554 Cooled Incubator allows a full range of precise experiments including environmental tests to micro-organism cultures and plant germination

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Model Number External dimensions (W x D x H)1) Internal dimensions (W x D x H) Volume Net weight Temperature control range & fluctuation Appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice. 11 Exterior dimensions of main cabinet only, excluding handle and other external projections 21 MIR-L15-PE operates between +2°C and +50°C 31 Nominal value, Background noise 20dB Improved experimentation of repetitive operation and operability Programmable operation function with microprocessor control Combining flexible temperature (H), light on/off (L) and time control (T), a maximum...

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