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MPR-S150H-PE & MPR-S300H-PE - 1

MPR Sliding Door Pharmaceutical Refrigerators +2ºC to +14ºC Environmentally Friendly Storage Solution Uniform storage temperature for a broad range of applications MPR Pharmaceutical Refrigerators offer a complete solution for the most demanding requirements for storage of pharmaceuticals, medicines, vaccines, and other temperature-sensitive applications. OLED Control Panel User-friendly Design The OLED panel has good visibility and intuitive operation. It displays detailed temperatures with increment of 0.1°C, alarm conditions and minimal and maximal temperature for every 12/24 hours. The USB port and data log functions simplifies temperature data management. The ergonomic design provides a clear view of stored items through the large framed windows. The slim profile allows easy retrieval, and the selfclosing sliding doors makes them ideal for limited spaces. Stable Temperatures Safe & Secure storage Well-isolated chamber Inverter compressors provide optimum stability, while quality of design ensures reliability. Ideal for samples that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations. HC refigerant consumes about 64% less energy than conventional models. Adjustable audible and visual alarms are standard, along with integrated system diagnostics and predictive performance. The password-protected control panel provides security and minimises risk of accidental changes. If desired alarm and operating history can be uploaded through the USB port. Double glass separated by an extra wide 12 mm gap contains argon gas to protect samples from exterior heat. Combined with air blowing up from the chamber bottom, the unit completely safeguards samples and maximises energy efficiency. Naturally occurring hydro carbon [HC] refrigerants have minimal effect on the environ ment and are compliant with environmental legislation for climate control. Combined with inverter technology, these refrigerants also provide more efficient cooling without compromising performance.

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MPR-S150H-PE & MPR-S300H-PE - 2

MPR Sliding Door Pharmaceutical RefrigeratorsMPR-S300H-PE LED Interior Light The LED interior light automatically turns on/off in combination with the door opening/ closing. It can also be controlled from the control panel. Defrost Methods Both models includes automatic defrost which activates electronically when needed. The refrigerator evaporator operates above freezing at all times. This prevents vaccines and lab supplies from freezing. Wire shelves (left), Sliding racks (right) Appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice. PUF = Rigid polyurethane foamed insulation...

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