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The emerging role of Presepsin for diagnosis and monitoring of neonatal sepsis

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Neonatal sepsis Neonatal sepsis, especially late-onset sepsis (LOS) continues to be a major source of morbidity and mortality in very- low-birthweight infants (VLBW <1500 g) or pre-terms. The International Pediatric Sepsis Consensus Conference defined sepsis as “the systemic inflammatory response syndrome in the presence or as a result of a suspected or proven infection” (1). Major causes of infection include bacteria such as coagulase-negative Staphylococci and multiple other aggressive pathogens, such as the Klebsiella-Enterobacter-Serratia group, Pseudomonas, and Candida species....

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Presepsin in neonatal sepsis (LOS and EOS) The diagnostic validity of Presepsin in neonatal sepsis has been evaluated in numerous clinical studies. Pugni et al. (12) enrolled 684 healthy neonates (484 born at term and 200 preterm) for evaluation of reference ranges for Presepsin. Presepsin median value in term infants was 604 pg/mL whereas in preterm infants the Presepsin median value was slightly higher (620 pg/mL). The normal reference ranges of Presepsin observed were higher than those seen in healthy adults. The Presepsin level was not affected by gender, ethnicity, mode of delivery,...

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Diagnostic accuracy of Presepsin, cut off values and blood sampling in neonates Tab. 2: Study compilation Presepsin in neonates and cut off values Cut off/ mean reference values (pg/ml) 684 healthy neonates, 200 preterms 19 LOS neonates, 21 healthy neonates 65 critically ill, 25 non-infective neonates 140 septic, 53 healthy neonates 50 septic, 20 healthy neonates 80 septic, 40 healthy neonates 40 septic, 15 healthy neonates 48 septic, 18 healthy neonates 40 preterm LOS, 40 healthy neonates 49 septic, 29 healthy neonates Tab. 3: iagnostic accuracy of Presepsin and resulting cut off values...

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Early diagnosis of neonatal sepsis Early diagnosis of sepsis is of ultimate importance for the patient´s outcome Only 3 drops of whole blood are needed as a sample (100 μl) Fast results from whole blood Low sample volume required Early-onset sepsis (EOS) develops in less than 3 days after birth, late-onset sepsis (LOS) after 3 days (3) Results in less than 17 min References 1. Goldstein B, Giroir B, Randolph A, and the International Concensus Conference on Pediatric Sepsis: Definitions for sepsis and organ dysfunction in pediatrics. Pediatr Crit Care Med. 2005; 6: 2-8 2. Stoll BJ, Hansen NI...

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Product List PATHFAST TM for critical care and sepsis diagnostics Item number Pack size PATHFAST TM pipette tips PATHFAST TM B.R. A.H.M.S PCT control set PATHFAST TM Presepsin control set SYSTEM PATHFAST TM Immunoanalyser Analyzer for the detection of cardiac and other emergency parameters and sepsis CONSUMABLES AND ACCESSORIES REAGENT KITS FOR CRITICAL CARE DIAGNOSTICS PHC Europe B.V. Nijverheidsweg 120, 4879 AZ Etten-Leur, The Netherlands Phone: + 31 76 543 38 33 email: REAGENT KITS FOR SEPSIS DIAGNOSTICS

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