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DUAL COOLING SYSTEM The most secure ultra-low temperature freezers for the storage of high value samples In April 2018, our Biomedical Business Brand will change to PHCbi Ultimate protection is critical for extremely valuable samples, such as those in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector, research institutes or blood and tissue banks. Freezer failure requires swift, effective action to transfer precious samples to a safe, ultra-low temperature environment – often within a matter of hours, even if a failure occurs at night. Any failure, therefore, significantly increases the risk of losing a unique, irreplaceable or potentially life-saving collection of samples. This could halt promising research, delay medical treatments or simply cause substantial financial losses, as well as an administrative nightmare. Panasonic specifically developed dual cool technology to greatly reduce this risk. Our advanced TwinGuard freezers provide an unparalleled level of safety and added peace of mind through the use of two independent refrigeration systems that reliably maintain an ultra-low temperature environment, even if an unexpected failure should occur in one cooling circuit. Panasonic developed dual cool compressor technology more than five years ago. The world’s first TwinGuard freezer – MDF-U500VX – was launched in 2010. Following its success, the larger volume MDF-U700VX TwinGuard -86ºC Freezer was first introduced in 2011. Since then, customers with samples that are valuable, irreplaceable, potentially life-saving or have pathogenic implications, such as those stored at The Pirbright Institute, have benefitted from the added assurance, capacity and advanced features of TwinGuardfreezers. Following the popularity of the advanced Dual Cooling System and the benefits it offers, this Panasonic designed technology has now been introduced to two chest freezers - the MDF-DC500VX and MDF-DC700VX. These additions to the TwinGuard range offers exceptional temperature stability and uniformity with some new additional features like a full colour LCD touch screen and a USB port for data logging. In 2017, the MDF-DU502VX and MDF-DU702VX, are introduced. These new upright models replaced the MDF-U500VX and MDF-U700VX and are updated with new features like the EZlatch and a full colour LCD touch screen. Additionally, these models have a newly designed cabinet and now offer a flexible shelf l

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Unparalleled performance The dual cooling technology differs significantly from conventional cascade refrigeration technology in fundamental design and operation. In dual cooling systems, two independent refrigeration systems provide a reliable -86°C ultra-low temperature environment. Should an unexpected failure occur in one cooling circuit, the other can maintain the freezer in the -70°C range until service can be arranged. This level of ultra-low temperature back-up cannot be achieved by conventional cascade systems. The unique functionality of dual cooling technology is achieved through...

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Minimal footprint VIP PLUS technology has resulted in a revolutionary vacuum insulation cabinet construction that reduces wall thickness by approximately half and achieves up to 30% more storage capacity in TwinGuard freezers than in conventionally-insulated freezers of equal size. As well as allowing a smaller installation space in the laboratory, VIP PLUS contributes to the overall energy efficiency of the freezers due to the low thermal conductivity of the insulation. TwinGuard freezers can be set to Normal or ECO mode operation, depending on the requirements of the user. A unique,...

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