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ULTRA LOW TEMPERATURE FREEZERS Models: MDF-DU502VH-PE | MDF-DU702VH-PE MDF-U33V-PE | MDF-U55V-PE MDF-DU901VHL-PE MDF-C8V1-PE PHCbi’s VIP Ultra Low Temperature Freezers represent the industry’s most complete combination of refrigeration technology, control, alarm, monitoring and accessibility for reliable sample preservation

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ULTRA LOW TEMPERATURE FREEZERS 528 litres Freezer (up to 384 2”boxes) 729 litres Freezer (up to 576 2”boxes) 845 litres Freezer ( up to 672 2”boxes) 333 litres Freezer 519 litres Freezer EXCELLENT RELIABILITY AND UNIFORMITY WITHIN AN OPTIMAL FOOTPRINT. The refrigeration systems within PHCbi VIP freezers are designed specifically for demanding ultra low temperature applications to give proven durability. Manufactured with space-saving VIP vacuum insulation panels, they are ideally suited for use in laboratories and hospitals for long-term preservation of samples. Whatever your preservation...

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Performance & quality you can trust Scientific Applications Reliable long-term Stable temperatures for: preservation of: • Quality control • Tissues and cells • Temperature testing • DNA, RNA and proteins • Fatigue testing • Blood products • Biological samples • Clinical trial materials • Pharmaceutical products Medical Device Directive PHCbi has become one of the first companies in our industry to introduce Medical Device certification to underline our strong commitment to product design, quality and safety. In 2010, PHCbi was awarded certification by TUV-Sud to manufacture blood bank...

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VIP ULT Freezers PHCbi DESIGN & ULTIMATE RELIABILITY VIP ultra low temperature freezers offer advanced cabinet design, reliable refrigeration systems and easy-to-use controllers making them ideal for the long-term secure storage of valuable samples. Every component is carefully selected and matched for optimum operation under demanding laboratory conditions, while the internal layout of the refrigeration system is meticulously designed for maximum heat removal, reducing stress on the system and therefore providing the highest levels of reliability and durability. SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE All...

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The combination of multiple high-performance vacuum panels with high-density foam insulation provides a reduced wall thickness for maximum interior volume. PHCbi’s patented VIP PLUS technology has resulted in a revolutionary vacuum insulation cabinet construction with improved compressor thermal properties for superior temperature performance. compressor INNOVATIVE DESIGN WHICH FREEZER WILL YOU CHOOSE? PHCbi was the first company to introduce vacuum EFFICIENCY insulation panels to ultra low temperature freezers. The PHCbi patented VIP vacuum insulation panel thin-wall composite is a...

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Low Stage Capillary Tube. Liquid refrigerant under pressure is passed through the capillary tube where it evaporates in the low stage evaporator to absorb energy (heat) from the product stored in the freezer. Freezer Cabinet with - Evaporator. The evaporator coil is strategically wrapped around to provide optimum temperature uniformity within the freezer cabinet. High Stage Capillary Tube. Liquid refrigerant under pressure is passed through the capillary tube where it evaporates in the interstage heat exchanger to absorb energy (heat) from the low stage refrigerant circuit. Main Condenser...

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Multiple access ports permit insertion of independent probes, instrumentation or liquid CO2 back-up injectors. Universal keyed door lock offers added security. A vacuum release port (available on the MDF-DU502VH-PE, MDF-DU702VH-PE and the MDF-DU901VHL-PE allows smooth door opening when the door seal is tightened by negative pressure generated from temperature difference between chamber and ambient. Insulated and gasketed inner doors seal inside to offer additional protection, improve uniformity. EZlatch for smooth, one-handed operation and positive gasket seal. Provision for padlock. PHCbi...

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Digital display defaults to actual chamber temperature. Display mode changes when set-point, alarm parameters, programming, and diagnostic functions are performed. ULTRA LOW Buzzer silence temporarily mutes audible alarm. PHCbi excl battery pow memory an during pow Filter indicator lamp glows, when electrostatic filter requires removal for cleaning. STATUS ALARM< DOOR Alarm indicator lamp glows when freezer is in alarm condition. Alarm ringback is factory set for 30 minutes, adjustable in 10 minute increments from 10 to 60 minutes. Status alert function uses predictive intelligence to...

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WATER COOLED OPTION A water cooled condenser option is available for models MDF-DU502VH-PE and MDF-DU702VH-PE for facilities equipped with chilled recirculating water systems (fully water cooled or hybrid). This option utilizes the cascade refrigeration design to reuse energy produced by an ultra low freezer while delivering additional energy-savings and high performance cooling. Ideal for material storage in repositories, hospitals, clinics and medical research facilities, the water cooled system provides a range of benefits. • Energy efficiency • Faster recovery time • Cost saving •...

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VIP ECO ULT Freezers VIP ECO Ultra Low Temperature Freezers with natural refrigerants minimise energy consumption, reduce environmental impact and save money. Innovative technology and Class IIa Medical Device Certification provide secure storage of valuable research and clinical samples. The VIP vacuum insulation ensures an optimal footprint to storage capacity ratio. The VIP ECO ULT Freezers use vacuum insulation panel (VIP) technology reducing wall thickness by around 50%, achieving 30% more storage capacity, and reducing the average cost per box stored. Leveraging the power of natural...

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VIP -80°C Chest Freezer Small installation space, great storage capacity PRODUCT FEATURES compressor • Alarm lamp and buzzer offer secure warning of power failure or abnormal temperature increase. • High and low temperature warning provides an audible and visual CUBATION alarm when the temperature deviates more than ±5°C to ±20°C (adjustable) from the set point. • Alarm ring-back function ensures the buzzer will resume operation should alarm conditions continue after it is silenced. • Control panel with digital display for easy operation. Space efficiency Conventional model* *Panasonic...

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