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Managing Heat: How Panasonic Increases Reliability of Ultra-Low Temperature Compressors Using the Same Energy Twice Dependable Outcomes To reach ultra low temperatures within a freezer it is often necessary to employ a cascade cooling method whereby two refrigeration systems work together to reach the desired temperature. The low-stage (B) removes heat from the freezer chamber while the high-stage (A) removes excess heat from the low stage system, which is ultimately released into the ambient air. VIP ULT freezers employ application specific compressors that have been purpose designed for ultra-low temperatures. Feature Note Feature Note VIP Ultra Low Freezers: Compressor Reliability Explained The most important component of any mechanical refrigeration system is the compressor, which moves refrigerant through the system. Often compressors used in ultra low freezers are not purpose designed and have to operate beyond their intended limits causing increased temperatures and additional stress on the system – a primary reason for freezer failure. High internal pressures and temperatures can have a number of detrimental effects on ultra-low compressors. The specialist features of compressors reduce internal operating temperatures and therefore The specialist design reduces discharge temperatures combat these effects to increase compressor lifetimes. and internal heat within the compressor. An oil cooling pipe with high-stage refrigerant loops around Lubricant oil within the compressor ensures the the compressor reservoir (C) of both stages to cool continued smooth operation of the moving parts. This oil the lubricating oil inside the compressor. While the can become viscous or breakdown as a result of higher oil lubricates internal bearings, the motor shaft (D) than normal temperatures, resulting in increased wear pumps an additional cooling spray directly to the of components, so it is vital to maintain its properties. discharge head (E). Panasonic ultra low freezers are tested at high ambient These innovative refrigerant feedback processes temperatures to ensure optimum performance of reduce compressor temperatures. the compressor even under demanding laboratory conditions. High stage refrigerant gas High stage refrigerant liquid The specialist design of the compressors in the VIP ULT freezers ensures reduced temperatures and stresses within refrigeration systems for uncompromised performance and unsurpassed durability. When maintaining the integrity of precious samples is vital, VIP ULT Freezers offer the highest levels of reliability for storage you can trust. Low stage refrigerant liquid For more information, please visit our website: Enlarged Illustration of Compressor Sensors (not shown) Temperature sensors throughout the high and low stage circuits transmit information to the Panasonic controller for operation, monitoring and diagnostics. Panasonic Biomedical Sales Europe B.V. Nijverheidsweg 120 4879 AZ Etten-Leur The Netherlands powered by Tel: +31 (0)76 543 38 33 E-mail: TM © Panasonic Printed in NL

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