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Indirect Calorimetry CaloBox INTRODUCTION The CaloBox is a new system for indirect calorimetry in mice and other small animals. Its ease-of-use and compact design facilitates standard measurements as well as advanced applications − simply connect the CaloBox to an animal cuvette and press „Start“. Common applications in research and teaching are: animal metabolism, nutrition, heat regulation, thermoregulation, bioenergetics, animal behavior, energy balance, resting metabolic rate, energetics of locomotion, and many more. Automated measurement of metabolic rate, energy expenditure (EE), and respiratory exchange ratio (RER) Push button operation No tedious drying of the airflow required Compact design Flexible applications Built-in battery option All raw sensor data is stored CaloBox Measurement Unit CaloBox Schematic Setup Internal pumps for air flow through animal cuvette 30..150 L/h Down to 4 sec reliable measurement interval No drying of sample or reference air required Measurement of O2 , CO2, and water vapor content in sample air; Comparison to reference air Calculation of metabolic rates: ̇  O2 consumption per unit time (VO2 ) ̇ CO2 )  Carbon dioxide production (V ̇  Water vapor evaporation (VH2O)  Respiratory exchange ratio (RER, RQ) ̇ Calculates energy expenditure (EE) based on VO2 and RER Automatic adjustment of gas sensors with reference air in preset intervals (zero adjustment) Continuous record and result display Raw data of all sensors stored for user defined calculations

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Indirect Calorimetry CaloBox CaloBox – Operational setup with mouse cuvette CO2 production (mL/min) O2 consumption (mL/min) system warmup animal placed in cage ultradian activity peaks water vapor (mL/min) total water vapor from cage and metabolic water output CaloBox software interface Typical data (djungarian hamster) Dimensions: 35 x 30 x 16 cm; weight 3.5 kg Mass flowmeter for sample air: 0..5 sLpm (0..150 L/h), response time 60 msec, repeatability +/- 0.5% Electrochemical O2-cell: Range 0..25 Vol%, response time 12 sec, accuracy +/- 2% CO2 measurement: NDIR-cell (non dispersive...

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