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VIRTUAL REALITY Virtual reality (VR) systems create experimental environments with unlimited possibilities. They allow to investigate fundamental mechanisms of navigation, cognition, learning, or memory in animals. The VR allows flexible modifications of experimental environments and fast repetitions of simple tasks. The animal remains completely stationary while interacting with a virtual world. Animal activity can be correlated with external measurement data such as optical imaging or electrophysiology. Many different additional stimuli and reward systems may be added to make the VR more realistic and interactive. Standard mazes and experiments are provided that can be modified and extended according to specific experimental needs. Hardware synchronization and data export allow the easy integration with complex experimental setups The JetBall is an air cushioned spherical treadmill in combination with screens or a projection dome. It allows an animal to navigate and to perform behavioral tests in a virtual space, while it is examined by in-vivo imaging, optogenetic, or electrophysiological methods. The JetBall enables new applications in neuroscience. VIRTUAL REALITY VARIANTS The virtual reality is either displayed on a TFT surround monitor or via a spherical mirror projection to the inner surface of a section of a sphere. A common equipment rack integrates power supplies, control PC, and the air flow regulation system for JetBall and accessories. JetBall-TFT  Easy accessibility for external setups, e.g. microscopes and manipulators High contrast and luminance. TFT surround monitor with virtual reality scene (270°) with six 19“ sub-units Air cushioned spherical treadmill Ball holder Larger field-of-view for presenting the virtual reality Seamless projection surface. Dome (1.2m) with spherical mirror projection Air cushioned spherical treadmill Ball holder with stand Spherical mirror Projector PhenoSys GmbH. Schumannstr. 18. 10117 Berlin. Germany phone: +49 (0) 30 28 87 98 67. e-mail: w

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JetBall - 2

VIRTUAL REALITY TYPICAL VIRTUAL MAZES & PARADIGMS Create your own virtual maze with our software, place own landmarks variable in size and shape appearing and disappearing at defined times, create endless mazes, run different mazes as test batteries without moving the animal from the top of the ball, or uncouple the virtual reality and the actual movement of the animal. Virtual T-maze Decision making using dynamic landmarks Virtual Open Field Exploratory behavior using elevated 3D landmarks Virtual Corridor Training task with frequent rewards and reinforcement Virtual Plus Maze...

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JetBall - 3

VIRTUAL REALITY JetBallFLEXIBLE AND POWERFUL SOFTWARE The JetBall system includes the following modules: PhenoSoft Control For experimental control and data acquisition. Graphical user interface with visual indicators and extensive data logging of all relevant events. PhenoSoft VR To display all kinds of virtual mazes with full flexibility regarding size, shape, walls, sky, floor, textures, landmarks, colors, and images. PhenoSoft Schedule For designing complex experimental schedules. A graphic programming environment combines flexibility and complexity. Data transfer and synchronization...

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