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A Complete Solution for Digital Dentistry - 2

An introduction from our President “It’s my pleasure to introduce you to our revolutionary all-in-one concept. We offer dental clinics a completely digital solution, based on the capability to network all digital dental equipment with one software platform. Planmeca Romexis® integrates all our digital dental units, 2D and 3D imaging devices and CAD/CAM solutions. This brings unforeseen possibilities for diagnostics, patient treatment and clinic management. Dentistry will be completely digital in the future, and the possibilities introduced by 3D technology will transform the entire field....

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A Complete Solution for Digital Dentistry - 3

An intelligent all-in-one solution Planmeca provides a complete solution for digital dentistry, designed for an efficient workflow and better patient care. All Planmeca dental units, imaging devices and CAD/CAM solutions can be networked with one software platform to improve the daily efficiency of your clinic. All devices and software from one place Planmeca provides your clinic with everything you need – from world-leading dental care and imaging units to innovative CAD/CAM and software solutions. All our devices and software are designed for exceptional ease of use, offering dental...

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A Complete Solution for Digital Dentistry - 4

3D imaging – high image quality at an optimal patient dose When you need detailed information, CBCT imaging is the best way to see it all. Discover our innovative range of 3D units and enjoy high CBCT image quality – always at an optimal patient dose. Planmeca ProMax® 3D family 6 Planmeca Viso™ fami

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A Complete Solution for Digital Dentistry - 5

Planmeca Viso family Live virtual FOV positioning The next generation has arrived Patient positioning is done directly from the CBCT unit’s control panel utilising integrated cameras and a live patient view. Users can freely adjust the size and location of the FOV with the tip of their fingers. Planmeca Viso™ is an ideal combination of premium image quality and high-end usability. It possesses all the qualities of a world class CBCT unit – and more. The unit is an impressive step forward in the evolution of cone beam imaging. It fulfils the needs of demanding maxillofacial imaging in all...

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A Complete Solution for Digital Dentistry - 6

Planmeca ProMax 3D family True all-in-one units for all your imaging needs Planmeca ProMax® 3D is a product family consisting of exceptional all-in-one units. With three different types of three-dimensional imaging – as well as panoramic, extraoral bitewing and cephalometric imaging – these intelligent products can meet all your maxillofacial imaging needs. Planmeca ProMax® 3D Classic Planmeca ProMax® 3D Plus Planmeca CALM™ movement artefact correction Maximum volume with a single scan Planmeca Ultra Low Dose™ imaging Extended volume with a single scan Maximum volume with multiple...

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A Complete Solution for Digital Dentistry - 7

Unique 3D combination – an industry first We’re the first company to combine three different types of 3D data with one X-ray unit. Our 3D family brings together a Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) image, 3D face photo and 3D model scan into one 3D image – using the same advanced software. This 3D combination creates a virtual patient in 3D, helping you with all your clinical needs. 3D X-ray image Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) is an X-ray imaging technology where a large number of 2D images are taken of a patient from different angles. A 3D volumetric image is then calculated from...

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A Complete Solution for Digital Dentistry - 8

Intelligent solutions for the best image quality Never miss a shot with Planmeca CBCT units Movement, metal artefacts, and small voxel sizes are generally recognised as challenges to CBCT image quality. With Planmeca CBCT units and their advanced image enhancement options, you can rise above these concerns and succeed every time. The options can either be selected preventively before imaging or utilised afterwards to achieve reliable results. The choice is yours! Movement artefact correction with Planmeca CALM™ Our intelligent high-tech solutions and algorithms guarantee an ideal imaging...

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A Complete Solution for Digital Dentistry - 9

Pioneering low dose 3D imaging Our 3D X-ray units offer a unique Planmeca Ultra Low Dose™ imaging protocol that enables CBCT imaging with an even lower patient radiation dose than standard 2D panoramic imaging. More information, less radiation Ideal for many clinical cases Planmeca Ultra Low Dose™ can be used with all voxel sizes and in all imaging modes from Normal to Endodontic mode. Using the Planmeca Ultra Low Dose protocol reduces the effective patient dose by an average of 77% without a statistical reduction in image quality*. The Planmeca Ultra Low Dose protocol has proven to be...

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A Complete Solution for Digital Dentistry - 10

Ease of operation Our 3D X-ray units are known across the world for incredible ease of use and exceptional patient comfort. A relaxed patient means a smooth imaging workflow and the best quality images. 2D and 3D imaging with one sensor Our advanced imaging system uses the same sensor for both 2D and 3D imaging, allowing you to enjoy a hassle-free workflow. The unique Autofocus feature enables practically error-free patient positioning and reduces the need for retakes. The result is high-quality and easily reproducible images – every time. Open patient positioning • Effortless positioning...

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A Complete Solution for Digital Dentistry - 11

Industry-leading 2D X-ray units Explore our world-class range of 2D imaging equipment – offering the most advanced and versatile features and software to meet all your 2D extraoral and intraoral imaging needs. From flexible patient positioning to high image quality, these imaging units represent 2D imaging at its finest. Planmeca ProOne® Planmeca ProX™

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A Complete Solution for Digital Dentistry - 12

Planmeca ProMax 2D The benchmark for extraoral imaging Planmeca ProMax® is a complete maxillofacial imaging system. The design and operation principles are based on the latest scientific research, technological innovations and the most demanding needs of modern-day radiology. Different models for different needs Planmeca ProMax® 2D S3 The three-joint model (SCARA3) Planmeca ProMax® 2D S3 has been designed for all imaging needs: panoramic, true extraoral bitewing, TMJ, sinus and 2D tomography. Planmeca ProMax® 2D S2 The two-joint model (SCARA2) Planmeca ProMax® 2D S2 includes basic programs...

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