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The Intelligent Planmeca Solution for Dental Chairs - 2

Improve the productivity of your dental chain In order to manage your clinics as effectively as possible, you need a lot of data and the right tools to analyse that data. Planmeca’s intelligent digital solution provides you with everything you need for successful management and business intelligence processes. All Planmeca devices can be connected to the same network, which allows you to access valuable information and utilise it in business planning. With Planmeca’s intelligent digital solution, you can: • Benefit from a comprehensive all-in-one solution in which all Planmeca devices are...

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The Intelligent Planmeca Solution for Dental Chairs - 3

Networked devices – one software All Planmeca dental units, imaging devices and CAD/CAM solutions can be networked with one software platform. This intelligent all-in-one solution allows clinics to generate valuable data on their digital equipment – making it the ideal choice for dental chains. All devices and software from one place Planmeca provides dental chains with everything they need – from world-leading dental care and imaging units to innovative CAD/CAM and software solutions. All our devices and software have been designed for exceptional ease of use, offering dental chains a...

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The Intelligent Planmeca Solution for Dental Chairs - 4

Dental units with intelligent and automated features Planmeca’s digital dental units are optimised for efficiency. Their customisable user settings enable flexible use and their automated functions save time and resources. The units’ platform-based design allows easy upgrades, making them a truly future-proof investment. Save time and resources with automated functions Automated infection control Key benefits of Planmeca dental units A functional, cost-efficient choice • Instant access to individual user settings from any location One dental unit for both left- and right-handed use • User...

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The Intelligent Planmeca Solution for Dental Chairs - 5

Imaging for all needs Planmeca can provide dental chains with the most versatile range of imaging devices and software available – covering all clinical needs from 2D to 3D and from extraoral to intraoral imaging. The most versatile range of imaging modalities Industry-leading X-ray units Never miss a shot with Planmeca CBCT units Planmeca’s versatile selection of imaging units offers an advanced and easy-to-use solution for each and every diagnostic need. From 3D and panoramic imaging to different types of intraoral imaging, our solutions are known to meet the highest standards in...

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The Intelligent Planmeca Solution for Dental Chairs - 6

Open CAD/CAM solutions New digital technologies have revolutionised traditional dentistry and clinical work. This is why we have developed complete and easy-to-use CAD/CAM solutions for both dentists and dental labs. Intraoral scanners 3D printers Chairside milling units Desktop scanners Software solutions for various needs Improve usability and comfort with digital impression scanning It makes plain sense to enter the world of intraoral scanning – digital impressions are more convenient for your team to capture and more comfortable for your patients. They offer numerous advantages over...

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The Intelligent Planmeca Solution for Dental Chairs - 7

One software – all specialist needs Planmeca Romexis® is a unique imaging software that supports all types of dental imaging from 2D and 3D to CAD/CAM. All data can be acquired, viewed and diagnosed in one easy-to-use software platform and stored in one centralised database. Easy-to-use imaging software for all user needs Planmeca Romexis® provides efficient tools for all specialists enabling accurate treatment planning. It even contains tools for designing surgical guides, splints, dental models and restorations for in-house 3D printing or milling. The software is designed for easy and...

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The Intelligent Planmeca Solution for Dental Chairs - 8

All clinical images in one database With the Planmeca Romexis® software platform, all clinical images are stored in one database. All patient data can be easily shared with other clinic members, external specialists and labs through the secure cloud-based transfer service. Romexis supports multi-site solutions by connecting one master database to local databases. Easy access to all images Chairside Examination and intraoral scan Planmeca Romexis® Cloud External partners Planmeca Romexis® Cloud is a secure image transfer service for Romexis® users and their partners. It is used to easily...

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The Intelligent Planmeca Solution for Dental Chairs - 9

Real-time access to valuable device data With our intelligent software solutions, dental chains can track and follow their patient flow, optimise their capacity through real-time information, and monitor the use of their digital equipment. Clinics can also improve their operative planning by basing their evaluations on easy-to-read usage statistics. Romexis® Clinic Management – usability and quality assurance benefits for local users Romexis® Insights – monitor your dental chain’s devices from anywhere • Access personalised dental unit settings instantly from any location with Planmeca...

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The Intelligent Planmeca Solution for Dental Chairs - 10

Know the status and location of instruments The LM Dental Tracking System™ (DTS) is the first commercially available system in the dental industry to efficiently track and monitor instruments using RFID technology. It improves patient safety and material handling as well as increases cost efficiency. The intelligent system opens up new possibilities within maintenance and clinical use for dental chains. Identification tags The LM-ErgoSense hand instrument and other dental materials with identification tags can be scanned with DTS readers for reliable tracking through their entire life cycle...

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The Intelligent Planmeca Solution for Dental Chairs - 11

Romexis all-in-one software Planmeca Oy designs and manufactures a full line of industry-leading dental equipment, including 3D and 2D imaging devices, CAD/CAM solutions, dental care units and software. Planmeca Oy, the parent company of the Finnish Planmeca Group, is strongly committed to better care through innovation, and it is the largest privately held company in the field. Follow us on social media! Images may contain optional items not included in standard delivery. Available configurations and features may have country or area specific variations. Some products displayed above may...

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