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Planmeca 2D Panoramic Imaging ProMax Family

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Welcome An introduction from our President “It’s my great pleasure to introduce you to our pioneering 2D X-ray units. Our comprehensive range of digital units meets all your daily imaging needs – working perfectly with our highly advanced Planmeca Romexis® software for the most detailed extraoral and intraoral examinations possible. I’m extremely proud of our product innovations, and for over 40 years we’ve worked closely with dental professionals to set new standards in our field. What makes us a bit different is that all core product development and manufacturing takes place in Finland –...

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Industry-leading 2D X-ray units Introducing our world-class range of 2D X-ray units – offering the most advanced and versatile devices and software to meet all your 2D extraoral and intraoral imaging needs. Planmeca ProOne® Planmeca ProX™ Planmeca ProScanner®

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A new benchmark for extraoral imaging Planmeca extraoral units offer two alternative solutions to maxillofacial imaging. Planmeca ProMax® – the complete imaging centre – sets a new benchmark in panoramic and cephalometric imaging. Planmeca ProOne® is designed with simplicity in mind. It is a compact and easy-to-use panoramic X-ray unit that’s both cost-effective and flexible

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Extraoral imaging Planmeca ProMax® is a complete maxillofacial imaging system. The design and operation principles are based on the latest scientific research, technological innovations and the most demanding needs of modern-day radiology. Key features: Advanced technology • Autofocus* positions the focal layer automatically for perfect panoramic images • Dynamic Exposure Control (DEC) measures the patient's radiation transparency and automatically adjusts exposure values • Patented SCARA (Selectively Compliant Articulated Robot Arm) technology guarantees an anatomically accurate imaging...

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Perfect panoramic images – every time Imagine if your X-ray unit could recognise your patient’s anatomy Our unique Autofocus for SCARA3 units The unique Autofocus feature automatically positions the focal layer using a low-dose scout image of the patient’s central incisors. It uses landmarks in the patient’s anatomy to calculate placement, enabling practically error-free patient positioning and dramatically reducing the need for retakes. The result is a perfect panoramic image. Positioning errors are now a thing of the past – with SCARA technology you can take an ultra-low-dose scout image...

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Our industry-leading Planmeca ProMax® unit is known across the world for incredible ease of use and exceptional patient comfort. A relaxed patient means a smooth imaging workflow and the best possible image quality. Open patient positioning • Position patients effortlessly thanks to open-face architecture • Correct patient positioning either with Autofocus or manually • Make fine adjustments using positioning lasers and joystick • Work with an unrestricted view of your patient • Avoid claustrophobic feelings in patients • Accommodate wheelchairs easily with side-entry access User-friendly...

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User benefits for SCARA The precise free-flowing arm movements allow for a wider variety of imaging programs not possible with other X-ray units with fixed rotations. SCARA offers superior imaging capabilities for both existing and future technologies. Planmeca ProMax® 2D Robotic arm technology Planmeca ProMax® features highly advanced and exclusive robotic SCARA (Selectively Compliant Articulated Robot Arm) technology - providing flexible, precise and complex movements required for rotational maxillofacial imaging. Unlimited movement range Our revolutionary SCARA technology combines an...

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All the imaging programs you need Standard Panoramic Horizontal and vertical segmenting True Bitewing Horizontal and vertical segmenting Lateral TMJ (closed & open) Lateral sinus and PA linear sinus Our Planmeca ProMax® X-ray unit offers the widest variety of imaging programs available – easily meeting all your clinical needs. Panoramic imaging In addition to the Standard panoramic program, the following programs are offered: • Interproximal panoramic program: generates an image, where interproximal teeth contacts are open. Primarily used for caries detection. • Orthogonal panoramic...

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Extraoral bitewings What if you could do all your routine diagnostic imaging extraorally? Planmeca ProMax® extraoral bitewings are ideal for periodontics, elderly and child patients, claustrophobic patients, patients with a strong gag reflex, and patients in pain. Extraoral bitewings enhance clinical efficiency and take less time and effort than conventional intraoral bitewing imaging. True Bitewing program, adult Standard panoramic image of the same patient as the bitewing above True bitewings only possible with our SCARA3 technology What are the advantages of extraoral bitewings? • Ideal...

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Cross-sectional tomography Longitudinal tomography Combined tomography Combined tomography Cross-sectional tomography Longitudinal tomography Combined tomography Combined tomography Planmeca ProMax® 2D tomography programs provide accurate tomographic information for the analysis, planning and follow-up of implant and surgical procedures. Valuable tool for implantology The Planmeca ProMax® tomography system produces clear tomographic slices of any part of the maxilla, mandible, or temporomandibular joints. The cross-sectional or longitudinal tomographs can be adjusted to any specific angle,...

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Quality cephalometry for orthodontics Our exceptional equipment and advanced software have been designed to meet all your orthodontic needs. Cephalometric imaging with Planmeca ProMax® units • The functional and easy-to-use head positioner ensures accurate positioning for all cephalometric projections • The carbon fibre ear posts and nasal positioner are extremely stable, hygienic, and transparent to radiation • The unit automatically aligns itself to take cephalometric exposures and then selects a corresponding collimator • Dedicated collimation options for paediatric imaging Two equipment...

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