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Next-generation digital learning platform

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Learning the smoothest digital workflow in dentistry We will help your dental school create a fully digital learning environment that provides a smooth transition from preclinical to clinical work. The next-generation Planmeca Compact™ i Sim simulation unit motivates your students to adopt ergonomic working habits right from the beginning of their studies and allows you to design your teaching area according to your specific needs. The best working habits from day one An upgradable and future-proof platform With Planmeca Compact™ i Sim, your students will adopt the correct working...

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Planmeca Compact™ i Sim - 3

Planmeca Compact™ i Sim simulation unit ✔ An identical user experience to the one offered by Planmeca Compact™ i dental units ✔ The smoothest digital workflow in dental education ✔ A realistic learning environment ✔ Ideal ergonomics and infection control routines from day one ✔ An adaptive and scalable solution ✔ Future-proof ✔ Easy to install ✔ Table surface size and shape can be designed freely ✔ Can be assembled, tested and delivered in large functional modules Planmeca Oy designs and manufactures a full line of industry-leading dental equipment, including 3D and 2D imaging devices,...

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