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Planmeca Dental Treatment Units - 2

Exceptional quality and ergonomic design An introduction from our President “It’s my pleasure to introduce you to our exceptional range of dental care units – combining the very best in ergonomics with outstanding patient comfort. I’m really proud of our product innovations, and for over 40 years we’ve worked closely with dental professionals to create pioneering dental units that set new standards in our field. What makes us a bit different is that all core product development and manufacturing takes place in Finland – ensuring unmatched quality and attention to detail at every stage of the...

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Planmeca Dental Treatment Units - 3

Design matters Our strong commitment to R&D guides everything we do. We are passionate about design and always prioritise comfort, safety and ease of use over everything else – and we do so without compromise. Our industry-leading dental units are practical, functional and beautifully designed.

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Planmeca Dental Treatment Units - 4

Design matters Solid, durable and recyclable FENNIApnze 14 hOnfr! nUhi'^N reddot design award winner 2009 Lightweight design All Planmeca dental units have our distinctive clean and simple design, with space for you and your assistant to work freely and comfortably. Our units are highly compact because of the side-lifting mechanism of the cuspidor block. Glossy surfaces, excellent durability We use aluminium parts and an epoxy paint finish in our dental units for ultimate durability. Their seamless, powder-coated surfaces meet the strictest infection control requirements. All of our units...

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Planmeca Dental Treatment Units - 5

We work closely with dental professionals and introduce smart new ways to ensure maximum comfort and exceptional quality treatment. Our dental units allow you to work either two orfour-handedly - making your work easier and more efficient. "Working with Planmeca’s dental units is fun! They can be fully customised by the user, so each dentist at the clinic can have his own presets. Both units are incredibly comfortable and many of our patients have also pointed this out. And we have to admit that we have taken a nap on them more than once, too!” Dr Carlo Pizzo and Dr Cioia Amico, A & P...

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Planmeca Dental Treatment Units - 6

Planmeca dental units – optimal comfort Your perfect companion Personal settings easily available Planmeca PlanID™ allows access to personal settings on any dental unit at a clinic with a simple flash of a card. The multi-purpose Flexy™ ho holder The modular Flexy™ holder for suction o y tubes and instruments supports all your y treatment needs. You can also easily attach your Planmeca Emerald™ or ne Planmeca PlanScan® intraoral scanner and tablet device to the holder for an optimal chairside workflow. Ease of use – just plug and play The intuitive touch panel is straightforward and easy to...

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Planmeca Dental Treatment Units - 7

Planmeca dental units – optimal comfort Easy access, comfortable consultation The foldable leg rest makes access easy for patients and provides a comfortable upright sitting position for consultation and post-treatment examinations. Face-to-face consultation Our dental units allow you to hold your initial discussion with the patient in a comfortable sitting position, while maintaining eye contact. This helps to create a relaxed atmosphere and build trust. Distractions, such as the instrument console, are kept outside of the patient’s direct line of sights. Easy entry/exit The foldable leg...

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Planmeca Dental Treatment Units - 8

Planmeca dental units – optimal comfort Relaxed patient Our exceptional innovations make treatment sessions more comfortable and relaxing for your patients – making your work easier. With accurate positioning and support, our dental units help you focus on providing high-quality clinical treatment. Ergonomically designed chair Unbeatable patient comfort The dental chair design follows the shape of the patient’s body and provides firm and comfortable support. Our dental units can also be fitted with armrests to provide additional patient support. Planmeca’s Ultra Relax™ upholstery responds to...

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Planmeca Dental Treatment Units - 9

Planmeca dental units – optimal comfort For brighter workdays The Planmeca Solanna™ operating light provides perfect visibility over the entire treatment area with the brightness and colour temperature of your choice. Latest LED technology Planmeca Solanna™ makes daily work easy. Its extensive light field is always uniform regardless of the distance from the treatment area. The light's state-of-the art mirror optics ensure minimised shadows with no ambient light to patient eyes. There is enough intensity for all operations and it is possible to adjust the colour temperature according to...

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Planmeca Dental Treatment Units - 10

Planmeca dental units – optimal comfort World class scanning ergonomics The seamless dental unit integration of the Planmeca Emerald™ and Planmeca PlanScan® intraoral scanners guarantees a smooth workflow at all times, as real-time scanning data is immediately available from your chairside tablet. Dental unit integrated intraoral scanning Unique foot controlled scanning The fast and accurate Planmeca Emerald™ What really sets our intraoral scanners apart from others is that you can also conveniently control their use from the dental unit’s foot control, leaving your hands free for scanning...

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Planmeca Dental Treatment Units - 11

A safer treatment environment Infection control and clean water have always been essential elements in our product design and development. Years of close collaboration with leading dental universities in the field of microbiology have resulted in comprehensive and scientifically proven solutions for both external and internal dental unit infection control.

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Planmeca Dental Treatment Units - 12

A safer treatment environment [Aedcaflin? External infection control made easy The smooth, uniform surfaces of our dental units make cleaning easy, ensuring impeccable external infection control - a crucial element in safe dental treatment. The powder-coated epoxy surfaces are extremely durable and resistant to cleaning agents. All critical components can also be autoclaved, and the bowl can be detached for easy cleaning. Clean water - always Our advanced water treatment solutions guarantee that all water entering the patient's mouth is clean, ensuring a safe environment for both patient...

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