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Passion to innovate An introduction from our President “Planmeca’s unique all-in-one concept is the choice of over 300 leading dental schools around the world. The success of this completely digital solution is based on our capability to network all digital dental equipment with one software platform. We are also the first company to integrate all 3D imaging and CAD/CAM modalities into one software. This brings unforeseen possibilities for education, research and clinic operation. Our solution introduces interactive teaching methods and an inspiring learning environment to support a digital...

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The choice of over 300 leading dental schools Planmeca’s unique teaching and learning concept has an established track record of success. Our dental care units, imaging equipment, CAD/CAM devices and software solutions are already the choice of over 300 leading dental schools around the world. Our products combine to form a perfect all-in-one solution – helping dental schools around the world benefit from sophisticated technology, efficient workflows, and significant cost-savings. “It is of primary importance that students are exposed to the latest technology. Otherwise, there will be no...

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Planmeca’s completely digital workflow for dental education Romexis all-in-one software We are proud to offer the most comprehensive digital solution for modern dental education from preclinical to post-grad use. All our devices can be networked with one software platform, allowing your dental school to benefit from unforeseen efficiency and the smoothest digital workflow in dentistry. Best dental equipment for pre-clinical and clinical use Leading digital dental equipment for all needs Leading systems and software for digital imaging Centralised supervision of clinics Leading partners in...

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Improve efficiency with real-time device data With our intelligent software solutions, dental schools can track and follow their patient flow, optimise their capacity through real-time information, and monitor the use of their digital equipment. Dental schools can also improve their operative planning by basing their evaluations on easy-to-read usage statistics. Romexis® Clinic Management – usability and quality assurance benefits for local users Romexis® Insights – monitor your dental school’s devices from anywhere • Access personalised dental unit settings instantly from any location with...

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All clinical images in one database With the Planmeca Romexis® software platform, all clinical images are stored in one database. All patient data can be easily shared with other clinic members, external specialists and labs through the secure cloud-based transfer service. Romexis supports multi-site solutions by connecting one master database to local databases. Easy access to all images Chairside Examination and intraoral scan Planmeca Romexis® Cloud Centralised database External partners Planmeca Romexis® Cloud is a secure image transfer service for Romexis® users and their partners. It...

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Solid, durable and recyclable aluminium Future-proof and upgradeable equipment Our aim is to create functional, durable and beautifully designed units that stand the test of time. We do this by always keeping our four design principles in mind: an ergonomic workflow, patient and staff safety, patient comfort, and long lasting aesthetics. Platform-based design All of our units have been designed with the future in mind. That’s why it’s easy to upgrade our units with the latest features and innovations in dentistry. Award-winning design Our aim is to create durable and beautifully designed...

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Planmeca Educational Solutions - 8

Dental units with intelligent and automated features Planmeca’s digital dental units are optimised for efficiency. Their customisable user settings enable flexible use and their automated functions save time and resources. The units’ platform-based design allows easy upgrades, making them a truly future-proof investment. Key benefits of Planmeca dental units A functional, cost-efficient choice One dental unit for both left- and right-handed use Planmeca dental units have been designed for ambidextrous use, which makes them an ideal solution for university environments where several students...

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Preclinical solutions – a smooth transition to clinical work We help your dental school create a fully digital learning environment that provides a smooth transition from preclinical to clinical work. Our next-generation simulation units motivate your students to adopt ergonomic working habits right from the beginning of their studies and allow you to design your teaching area according to your specific needs. We offer different simulation solutions for all educational needs. All our solutions are suitable for teaching both twoand four-handed dentistry and are instantly convertible from...

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Instant access to individual settings from any dental unit Student tracking and flexible equipment use with user identification The smart Planmeca PlanID™ system, designed especially for dental schools, allows instant access to individual dental unit settings with a simple flash of a card. This allows you to track the user activity of your students and enables flexible equipment use – a great advantage in environments where several users share the same equipment. Personal settings with Planmeca PlanID™ The Planmeca PlanID™ system has been developed especially for universities, hospitals,...

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Patient and staff safety is our priority Save time with automated infection control Infection control and clean water have always been essential elements in our product design and development. Years of close collaboration with leading dental universities in the field of microbiology have resulted in comprehensive and scientifically proven solutions for both external and internal dental unit infection control. External infection control made easy The smooth, uniform surfaces of our dental units make cleaning easy, ensuring impeccable external infection control – a crucial element in safe...

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