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PLANMECA GROUP Better care through innovation

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“Our strong commitment to developing health care and a passion for innovation guide everything we do. They give us the focus to consistently create revolutionary technology and help dental and healthcare professionals to provide quality care for their patients. I believe these values have led us to where we are today – at the forefront of our industry. Dental and medical diagnostics will be completely digital in the future, so our constant aim is to offer the best possible digital workflow for our customers. Innovative CAD/CAM solutions together with advanced 3D imaging devices and software...

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Pioneering healthcare technology Planmeca Group is one of the leaders in healthcare technology. We are dedicated to better patient care through groundbreaking solutions that improve the daily workflow of dental and medical professionals around the world. We manufacture and supply high-technology dental care equipment, CAD/CAM solutions, medical and dental 2D and 3D imaging devices and software, mammography systems, instruments, as well as dental supplies and services.

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A truly global player 98% Planmeca Group operates in over 120 countries, employing nearly 2,800 people worldwide. Our headquarters and production facilities are located in Helsinki, Finland, where we design and manufacture our world-leading solutions, all under one roof. Over 98% of our products are exported around the world. of products exported around the world PRIVATELY OWNED Founded in 1971, our parent company Planmeca Oy is the third largest dental equipment manufacturer in the world – and the largest privately owned one. 100,000 shipments per year from Helsinki Market leader in...

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Future trends bringing future growth Our world is continuously evolving and being influenced by global megatrends. These megatrends also strongly affect the field of healthcare technology – supporting our future growth and driving new innovations. The population is ageing – and needs more healthcare services More people – and more teeth to take care of than ever before The future is looking bright for dental and medical technology. Firstly, people are becoming more and more aware of the impact of dental health to overall health, which increases the demand for dental services. Also, people...

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Innovation that matters Our commitment to R&D and close collaboration with healthcare professionals and leading universities are behind the success of our innovations. Always one step ahead Design matters Unrivalled scientific knowledge and an in-depth understanding of clinical workflows are vital and integrated parts of our product development. We also have a team dedicated to seeking out the latest emerging technologies and implementing them in our products. Our award-winning products are practical, durable and beautifully designed – but we always prioritise comfort, safety and ease of...

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Quality made in Finland We design, build and assemble our products using the latest technology and the best materials – and we do it all under one roof for unmatched quality and attention to detail. Exceptional quality All of our products are developed with the strictest quality control standards. Every product is tested before it leaves the factory to ensure our customers only receive products of the highest quality. Fully customised Our products are hand-made and tailored to each customer’s specifications. Choose from a multitude of features that meet and exceed the varying demands of...

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Award-winning design Our aim is to create functional, durable and beautifully designed products that stand the test of time. We do this by always keeping our design principles in mind. Design principles Efficient workflow All our units are designed to simplify the daily workflow of dental and medical professionals. Healthy medical team Uncompromised patient and staff safety is always our priority. Relaxed patient We want all patients, big and small, to feel relaxed and comfortable during treatments. Long-lasting aesthetics Our products are long-lasting, so we make sure that their design...

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Planmeca Group - 10

Innovative university solutions Planmeca Group works closely with dental universities and teaching institutions around the world, collaborating and innovating to ensure cutting-edge product development and outstanding quality. This has resulted in breakthrough solutions in dental unit infection control, preoperative planning in maxillofacial surgery, and patient radiation dose optimisation. We offer the most comprehensive software-driven solution for dental education. Our specially designed teaching environments combine pioneering dental technology, advanced software and centralised...

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Global training concept Due to rapidly evolving technologies, the role of training is constantly growing. We are committed to improving the quality and availability of dental education all over the world. Product training, webinars and e-learning Planmeca Digital Academy offers sales, technical and product training, e-learning and free CE webinars, as well as joint course programs together with universities. We have training centers in Helsinki, Chicago, Dallas, Shanghai, Germany, France and the other Nordic countries. In addition, most of our distributors have local training facilities...

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Events and network – promoting dialogue Building an international dental and medical community has been our mission from day one. We provide more than just dental and medical equipment – we provide complete solutions and personal service. We believe that innovations can only be achieved by working closely with representatives, customers and universities around the world. In order to create truly productive solutions, we stay in constant dialogue with them and use their feedback for further improvement of our products. Our Harbo Lounge in Helsinki is an ideal location for training and social...

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Planmeca Group - 13

Making a difference Planmeca is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of people around the world. This is how we make a difference. Sustainable innovations Global collaboration Responsible employer We focus on designing lasting, future-proof innovations by investing strongly in R&D and by following sustainable production processes. Our solutions are built so that they can be easily upgraded with new features without replacing them, which saves a significant amount of resources. When our products do come to the end of their life cycle, 98% of their components can be recycled. Our...

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