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Planmeca PlanCAD®  Premium - 1

Planmeca PlanCAD® Premium Flexible design software for prosthetic restorations

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Planmeca PlanCAD®  Premium - 2

Planmeca PlanCAD® Premium Unmatched flexibility at every step Planmeca PlanCAD® Premium is an outstanding software for the design of dental prosthetics. Its ease of use, comprehensive selection of indications, and adaptability to different user needs makes the software an ideal tool for creating high-end prosthodontic works. Flexibility with unrivalled tools and add-on modules Facilitate your design process considerably by utilising user-friendly tools with exceptional features for advanced applications. You can make changes to your designs without the need to redesign. Planmeca PlanCAD®...

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Planmeca PlanCAD®  Premium - 3

Wide range of indications Models based on intraoral scan data Provisional crowns and bridges Take advantage of a comprehensive selection of work types for prosthodontic design Full anatomical restorations Positioning guides for crowns and implant abutments • Single units • Bridges Inlays, onlays, veneers, table tops, and Maryland bridges • Copings with cutback options • Offset copings • Bridge frameworks with a bridge splitting option New! Implant models with library information for implant analog slots Implant bridges and bars Implant abutments Partial framework Full dentures Coming soon!...

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Planmeca PlanCAD®  Premium - 4

Versatile design tools • Benefit from unrivalled mesh editing options Advanced features in Expert mode • Create precise approximal and occlusal contacts with easy-to-use adjustment tools Discover the freedom of computer-aided design Free-forming tools for both restorations and scan data • Optimise parametric crown margins • Import a mesh during the design process • Utilise an extensive library of attachments that can also be reducted from designs • Export scenes as STL files at any step • Freely jump between design steps and make modifications – your design will automatically adapt to the...

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Planmeca PlanCAD®  Premium - 5

Virtual articulators Easily adapt your designs to either static or dynamic occlusions in relation to jaw movements • Adjust the Bennet angles, immediate side shifts, and condylar angles according to face-bow values • Raise or lower the scanned bite in an accurate and controlled way Type A (Artex compatible) Bio-art A7 Plus Type P (KaVo Protar 5 Evo Compatible) Type S (SAM compatible) Type A Adjustable (Artex compatible) Chain mode Bio-art A7 Plus Adjustable New powerful tooth placement tool for large restorations • Lock and unlock feature for single teeth and group of teeth to move or keep...

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Planmeca PlanCAD®  Premium - 6

Top-down design Use the full anatomy as a starting point for copings and cutbacks to support layering techniques • Achieve the best aesthetic outcome and save time without having to risk material integrity with refined reduction options for copings • Use automatic reduction libraries for incisal and facial ridges as well as Thimble stumps and retentive elements for suprastructures • Apply reductions in several steps to create multi-level cutbacks Thimble stumps for supra structures Coping through parametric reduction Incisal and facial ridges Retention elements Automatic selections for...

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Planmeca PlanCAD®  Premium - 7

Tooth anatomy/morphology Variety of tools to achieve the best aesthetic outcome for each case Tooth libraries Several tooth libraries are included in Planmeca PlanCAD® Premium – browsing through them is easy. • Copy or mirror tooth anatomy from the same jaw • Use tooth libraries to compose the anatomy • Copy the anatomy from scanned diagnostic wax-ups, dentures, or virtual wax-ups to a design directly • Use a preoperative scan to either fully or partially reconstruct the prepared teeth or transfer the anatomy from a temporary structure to the final design The Signature library by Manfred...

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Planmeca PlanCAD®  Premium - 8

Implant abutments, bridges, and bars Cemented suprastructure with or without a screw channel Reduced for direct layering Meet the requirements of modern implant based prosthetics • Achieve the best possible contact between a restoration and soft tissue with sophisticated implant emergence planning and automatic adaptations • Exploit multi-layer construction parameters optimised for an impeccable fit • Take advantage of detailed screw channel adjustment options and angled screw channels • Benefit from implant libraries that support customised abutment design, titanium inserts, and multi-unit...

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Planmeca PlanCAD®  Premium - 9

Complex structures made simple Achieve optimal aesthetics and compliance with clinical requirements • Virtual gingiva design with a cutback feature • Cutback options for both teeth and gingiva to support multi-layer constructions in large cases • One order description – multiple options for results • Effective and clever tools for modification of big constructions • Various implant bar profiles with parametric design options and attachments that can also be reducted from the design Screw-retained structure with reductions for cemented crowns Screw-retained wrap-around structure with...

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Planmeca PlanCAD®  Premium - 10

Bite splint module Model creator module Create a variety of splints with different geometries, offsets, and thicknesses Software module for the creation of 3D printed models The standard wizard guides you through a classic bite splint workflow, but the flexibility of the module allows you to utilise the tools and your imagination to also create customised impression trays, positioning guides for temporary structures, and implant abutments. • Design working models based on any open STL data or intraoral scan data by Planmeca Emerald™, Planmeca PlanScan®, 3M True Definition Scanner, 3Shape...

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Planmeca PlanCAD®  Premium - 11

Advanced design and new features Coming soon! With an open platform software like Planmeca PlanCAD® Premium, you have the option to combine information from other high quality open software to expand your business opportunities. Export and import STL files in the correct coordinates for advanced and creative use of your system. Temporary prosthetics immediately after fully guided surgery – the designs utilise combined scan body and implant library information Planmeca 4D® Jaw Motion data import into Planmeca PlanCAD® Premium’s Virtual Articulator Segmented roots from the Planmeca Romexis®...

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