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User-friendly and reliable imaging plate scanner

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Quality you can count on Our new Planmeca ProScanner® 2.0 imaging plate scanner is a high-quality option for fast and dependable intraoral imaging. With intelligent design details and outstanding durability, the scanner supports everyday tasks at a dental clinic – providing reliability that is hard to match. Pixel size True resolution Theorethical resolution Bits per pixel / Gray scale Planmeca ProScanner® 2.0 has been designed to be a seamless part of your clinic’s workflow. It is a true workhorse imaging plate scanner that is maintenance-free and extremely durable. The compact scanner...

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Key benefits of Planmeca ProScanner® 2.0 • Maintenance-free imaging plate scanner designed for active use • Flexible and durable imaging plates for enduring comfort • Accelerated workflow due to a streamlined imaging process Planmeca Oy designs and manufactures a full line of industry-leading dental equipment, including 3D and 2D imaging devices, CAD/CAM solutions, dental care units and software. Planmeca Oy, the parent company of the Finnish Planmeca Group, is strongly committed to better care through innovation, and it is the largest privately held company in the field. Follow us on...

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