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Planmeca Romexis®

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All-in-one software platform Planmeca Romexis® is the leading software platform for dentistry. It supports all types of dental imaging – from 2D and 3D to CAD/CAM – and offers an extensive range of tools for all specialities and specialists. All patient images are available in one easy-to-use and customisable user interface. 2D Imaging 2D imaging page 6 Smile design page 16 Cephalometric analysis page 20 3D Imaging 3D imaging page 8 3D implantology page 10 CMF surgery page 22 4D jaw motion tracking page 24 CAD/CAM CAD/CAM page 12 Digital dental model analysis page 14 3D orthodontic tools...

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Planmeca Romexis Dentistry Software - 3

Key benefits • All-in-one software for 2D and 3D imaging, CAD/CAM, and 4D jaw motion tracking • Open software platform - supports multiple file formats, such as JPEG, DICOM, and STL One software, all solutions Planmeca Romexis® is a flexible and powerful software platform with countless advanced features. It has been designed to meet the imaging needs of any dental facility -from a small clinic to a large hospital. All platforms • Native support for Windows and Mac • Planmeca mRomexis™ mobile imaging application for iOS and Android tablets • Planmeca Romexis® Cloud image transfer service...

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Planmeca Romexis Dentistry Software - 4

2D imaging The Romexis® software offers a rich selection of 2D imaging tools which ensure a streamlined and efficient workflow in all situations. Key benefits • Allows acquiring images from any source – including TWAIN, still cameras, video devices, DICOM imports, and other digital environments • Tools for enhancing, annotating, and organising images • Adaptive prefilters minimise the need to enhance images manually • Powerful search, filtering, and reporting tools • Digital radiology process for full accountability – including electronic acquisition requests, reject analyses, interpretations,...

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Planmeca Romexis Dentistry Software - 5

3D imaging The Romexis® software offers specially designed 3D imaging tools for implantologists, endodontists, prosthodontists, periodontists, orthodontists, maxillofacial surgeons, and radiologists. Key benefits • Support for all types of 3D data - from CBCT images to 3D photos and surface models • Allows creating panoramic and cross-sectional views • Tools for marking nerves and annotations • Analysis tools for airways and TMJ • Superimposing CBCT images, 3D photos, and models • Superimposing before-and-after CBCT images for comparison • Segmenting tool for creating surface models from...

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Planmeca Romexis Dentistry Software - 6

3D implantology The Romexis® implant planning and guide design modules provide all the needed tools for a complete implant workflow – from virtual 3D implant planning to manufacturing physical surgical guides. Key benefits • Open system – free DICOM and STL imports and exports • Extensive implant, abutment, sleeve, and fixation pin libraries featuring choices from over 80 manufacturers • Ideal tools for prosthetic-driven implant planning - Implant-centric view - Implant verification tool - Implant safety zone warnings • The entire implant workflow can be completed in one software, with five...

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Planmeca Romexis Dentistry Software - 7

CAD/CAM The Romexis® software supports the entire CAD/CAM workflow and allows users to do it all – from intraoral scanning and designing to chairside milling. The software is easy and fast to use and ideal for creating a wide range of prosthetic works. Key benefits • Simultaneous scanning, designing, and milling • Easy design of crowns, abutments, inlays, onlays, veneers, and bridges • Fully automated design process utilising an anatomic tooth library - Automatically adapts to the contact strength specified by the user - Cusps, the marginal ridge, and other anatomical shapes are added to the...

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Planmeca Romexis Dentistry Software - 8

Digital dental model analysis The Romexis® Model Analyser module provides ideal tools for examining and analysing digital dental models scanned with Planmeca intraoral scanners. It makes monitoring treatments simple and straightforward. Features in a nutshell • Direct intraoral scanning with the Planmeca Emerald™ and Planmeca PlanScan® intraoral scanners • Digital models can be examined using predefined views – such as frontal, right, left, rear, open bite, closed bite, and multiple view • Shows tooth width, arch length, horizontal and vertical overbite, as well as free measurements • Allows...

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Planmeca Romexis Dentistry Software - 9

Smile design The Romexis® Smile Design software is ideal for digital smile designing, efficient communication, and fast treatment planning. Key benefits • Fast and easy to use – a new smile can be designed in 3 minutes using a 2D face photo and intelligent tooth silhouettes • Case acceptance is increased drastically by improving patient communication “My patients have also been very pleased to be able to genuinely be part of the process from the start. When the expectations and plans have been carefully reviewed to start with, the end result will more likely meet the expectations of the...

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Planmeca Romexis Dentistry Software - 10

3D orthodontic tools The Romexis® 3D Ortho Studio module provides orthodontists and dental laboratories with several innovative tools for treatment planning in 3D. The advanced software allows producing clear aligners in-house. Create a virtual base. Utilise dental cast analysis tools. Use information from a CBCT image to visualise roots and bone surfaces when planning treatments. Key benefits • Dental cast analysis tools for examining space, tooth size, cross sections, and occlusions • Allows attaching a virtual base for a result that looks like a traditional plaster case • Treatment plans...

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Planmeca Romexis Dentistry Software - 11

Cephalometric analysis Planmeca Romexis® Cephalometric Analysis module Online automatic analysis service The Romexis® Cephalometric Analysis module offers tools for creating cephalometric analyses and superimpositions, as well as for simulating orthodontic and orthognathic treatments. Users can also order automatic cephalometric analyses as an online service directly from the Romexis® software. The analyses can be downloaded immediately when needed – regardless of time and place. Key benefits • Automatic cephalometric image tracing online • Over 50 analyses available for download immediately...

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