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Planmeca Solanna™ operating light

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Planmeca Solanna Light - 2

Because every detail matters The Planmeca Solanna™ operating light gives you perfect visibility over the entire treatment area with the brightness and colour temperature of your choice. Less shadows with uniform light • Advanced LED technology and unique mirror optics guarantee uniform light intensity and minimised shadows, regardless of the distance from the treatment area • The large illumination field provides excellent visibility to every corner of the treatment area, minimising the need to adjust the light head during treatment • Sharp edges of the light beam make the light...

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Planmeca Solanna Light - 3

Beautiful and effortless movements for smooth positioning Images may contain optional items not included in standard delivery. Available configurations and features may have country or area specific variations. Some products displayed above may not be available in all countries or areas. Rights for changes reserved. Planmeca, All in one, Anatomat Plus, Cobra, Comfy, DentroVac, Digital perfection, Economat Plus, Elegant, Flexy, Mini-dent, Perio Fresh, PlanEasyMill, Planmeca 4D, Planmeca ActiveAqua, Planmeca AINO, Planmeca ARA, Planmeca CAD/CAM, Planmeca CALM, Planmeca Chair, Planmeca...

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