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Improved surgical results with patient-specific implants PLANMECA GROUP

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Planmeca ProModel” - a unique Planmeca ProModet offers patient-specific implants, surgical guides, and anatomical models for improved surgical results. Together with our superior CBCT images and 3D face photos, they offer you the best tools to succeed in both pre-planning and the surgery itself. Applications • Veterinary surgery • Corrective orthopaedic surgery • Osteotomy guides • 3D printed true-to-size (1:1) models of anatomical hard tissue Key benefits • Shorter operation times • Improved aesthetic, physiological and anatomical results • Enhanced predictability • Shorter recovery...

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service for surgery Simple and fast CT images are uploaded over a secure internet portal Joint online design session (approximately 30 minutes)

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The Planmeca ProModel™ service has provided 3D surgery design and patient-specific implants since 2009. “Planmeca is an integral part of our veterinary oral surgical team and allows us to accurately diagnose and treat maxillofacial conditions like never before! The Planmeca ProModel custom designed plating is fundamental to decrease our surgical time and optimize outcomes. Thank you, Planmeca!” Dr. Jean Battig DVM, Diplomate, American Veterinary Dental College Advanced Dentistry & Oral Surgery Portland, Oregon, USA Further information: Patient data upload portal:...

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